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Beautiful couple want real sex Indiana

Beautiful couple want real sex Indiana

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Beautiful couple want real sex Indiana

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Now, it is said that the two haunt the house. It is said that eerie black, shadowy figures walking about the basement. Lights turning on and off have also been reported. There has even been one report of a piece of candy rolling back and forth across the dresser.

The Glensheen staff is prohibited from talking about the murders. As we were walking around the mansion on the tour we felt a very cold spot as we walked into the basement by the staircase. There was no vents or fans in the area and we could not expain this erie sensation.

I heard a lound scream coming from the second floor and figured a girl might have fallen or been playing with a sibling. To my amazement I must have been the only on to hear it as no one said a word or reacted to it. Our guid did not mention a word about the scream no did she bring up the murders on our tour. To my amzement I later read that day about the murders and that the house might be haunted.

I had never heard about the murders until after the tour while reading the book about it later that day. This house is definetly visited by spirits. If you are really interested in the true story about the murders, read this book: My husband and I, of course, had heard about the murders, but nothing was mentioned to our 4 yr.

You must be feeble minded to think its haunted. They do not talk about it because they wish not to disgrace the former owners and fuel curiosity. It was given to the people of Minnesota as a gift, for tours. I agree with Jay Johnson. There could be many explanations for these things happening.

I have also been throught the mansion and nothing unusual happened to me. I agree with Jay and Liz. I have been to Glensheen for 2 different tours and have been on all the floors. My husband has also been there at night after hours, the alarm went off he had to check it out and he didnt feel, see, or sense any thing odd.

But he did get walk the whole house and see things that those on the tour dont get to see. Back in around , my husband and I toured the mansion. By the way, it was the infamous Ron Meshbesher who represented Marjorie Congdon. Roger later died apparently from alcoholism. The tour guides are now allowed to speak of the murders and the bedroom that Elizabeth was in when she was murdered is returned to the state of a bedroom vs an all purpose meeting room that it used to be.

While we were there we ourselves had a group of 12 to celebrate my mothers graduation from college with a Masters my sister-in-law Angie was mentioning that she was being drawn to these specific pictures.

They were all of girls various ages, and on chatting we assumed that they were of all three women, Elizabeth, Marjorie and Jennifer I think is the other daughter at various stages in life. Upon glancing through The Will to Murder, which my brother purchased at the house, Angie realized that each and every picture she was looking at was indeed ONLY of Elizabeth.

The whole 10 minutes, Angie said she was bouncing back and forth ready to get a mood on. I knew which bathroom the murderer cleaned up in before I even read the book. I could just feel it. And so can you. Elizabeth and her nurse were murdered on the 2nd floor with the majority of the rooms, where the tour will always be allowed to go. It scared me pretty bad at some points. Like when my friend and I and some other people were led into the room Elizabeth Congdon was murdered.

It was all so creepy when we into the different floors it went to different temperatures. All in all it was awsome! It was still creepy even though it is cool. I would recemend it to anyone who is looking for a scare. I volunteered at the mansion for many summers now and all the staff will tell you that we have encountered strange experinces. The old mansions are hard to heat and cool and that is why you feel cool drafts and warm drafts in select areas of the home becuase not all rooms have vents or radiators.

Most of the time what has happened is lights will switch on and off, and doors will close by themselves. I can honestly say the activity is quite fun when your with other staff and those things happen, but errie when your alone.

Glensheen is very much haunted, but you get used to it and be nice to them and they will be nice to you. The program is based on the book by Joe Kimball. I volunteer at Glensheen and some of what you all have said is completely false. Elizabeths bedroom as a child is not the bedroom she died in. The reason that you used to not be able to go up to third floor was becuase there was only one staircase and it is a fire code.

They have now let tours up there but only 10 at a time. No murders actually happened on the third floor. I have never experienced flickering lights I do not know anyone else who has like Ricky Porter, however the former volunteer coordinator, other volunteers, and I did have a discussion of paranormal things that have happened there.

The only reason that we did not discuss the murders for so long was out of respect for the Congdon family, however, they have recently given permission. Whether it is haunted, there have been stories of some paranormal stuff, but paranormal situations are not a normal occurence. Oh, and as far as this Bob character goes…there is no way that you could have had sex with your girlfriend in the master bedroom as there are tours every 10 minutes and I doubt that you would be able to escape your tour guide as they would have been able to see you in the master bedroom when they were standing at the entrance of the red guest room just 10 seconds after leaving the master bedroom.

Just watched for the second time about this story on Court TV and find it fascinating. The house is gorgeous and its too bad that Marjorie Congdon Hagen is allowed to walk free, after leavng behind so many dead bodies. This is very cold, calculating, greedy vicious woman, sadly a nutjob, free. The only consolation is that her own mother was freed of Marjories abuse on that fatal night in I sure hope the Nurse and Elizabeth Congdon are not hanging around that Mansion.

I mean the story duh! I cant believe that really happened, If that ever happened 2 me I dont no wat I will do! I never had a scary event happen 2 me, I mean supernatural. I also believe in supernatual stuff that happen 2 u….. My horseback riding instructer was best friends with the nurse who was murdered. I have been to the Glensheen Mansion before. I read the book after I went to the house and it gave me the creeps.

I never had anything weird happen to me while I was at the house but I still think it is haunted. I have been fascinated by the mansion since I was a young child, driving past it as my family headed into Duluth for our yearly shopping trip.

I was fortunate enough to visit Glensheen in the spring of , and was quite disappointed over having experienced none of the paranormal experiences that I had heard about over the years.

No spectres, no cold spots, no hair raisings, no unearthly noises. But what I did experience that day, was an overwhelming sense of sadness and emptiness in that beautiful home.

I had been on vitual pins and needles of excitement all morning, during the drive to Duluth, which only heightened as we pulled into the driveway and purchased our tour package.

I was as giddy as a child at christmas. However, as soon as we entered the front entrance, I was overcome by a sense of loss and grief.

Some might say it was autosuggestion, having read stories and heard rumours about the murders of Elizabeth. But I honestly believe it was the sadness of the house itself, loneliness seeping from the very walls. Though the rooms were awe inspiring and beautiful, they felt so cold emotionally, abandoned. The house was full of people, groups on every floor, and in most every room, but it felt as if there was absolutely no-one there at all.

I do believe in the paranormal, and am curious about the house itself. Someday I will visit Glensheen again, during a different season, and a time of the day, to see if I once again, get that same sense of sorrow that has stayed with me since that first visit. I was in the car ride to Spirit Mountain. A year before my mother and her husband went to the Glensheen mansion and she told me about the murder.

She only had a little tour of the huge beautiful house and she told me about the masterpieces of the furniture. I want to go there and have the whole tour. My brother got married to a Duluth girl in and we had the rehearsal dinner at the mansion. The food was excellent, and nothing eerie happened, which was disappointing since we were the only ones in the house at the time there were perhaps 20 of us, plus wait staff and chefs. I am so suprised that my death has caused such a large amout of excitment and suspense.

However, I want you all to know that I have never returned to haunt my old place and neither has Velma. We are currently enjoying ourselves very much here in the afterlife and would find returning to the material world very boring and dull. I hope you all enjoy the house and grounds very much and continue to make use of it as much as possible.

I have lived in a house that i must say was haunted by something. I visited Glensheen when I was 7. My b-day is June 30 Murders took place june 27th, funeral on june Marjorie and her husband were married on June 30 Marjorie started her jail time on my parents wedding day too…different year but whatever…. Married someone that day too….

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