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Bar sex girls Syracuse New York

Bar sex girls Syracuse New York

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Must b mobile and in the Charlotte area, clean and discretion is a must. All I ask is that Syrackse be HWP and freshly showered. Married is fine, not looking to change my world, but instruct yours. I'm kind of new to the area and Bar sex girls Syracuse New York lack of a social life is starting to suck.

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Bar sex girls Syracuse New York

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John Jamelske, a scruffy bottle-picker from Syracuse, regarded himself as smooth with the ladies. Before there was Ariel Castro, Cleveland's industrious triple kidnapper, there was Jamelske, New York's dungeon dragoon.

For 15 years beginning in , he held a succession of females as sex slaves in a filthy bunker beneath his house in upstate DeWitt. Jamelske was finally busted on April 3, , three weeks before Castro kidnapped Amanda Berry, the second of his three victims. Castro seemed shamed by his arrest. Jamelske, on the other hand, claimed his victims were "buddies. He explained that kidnappers demand cash ransoms. He didn't do that. His case didn't get the national attention of the dramatic escape of the three women in Cleveland earlier in May, but Jamelske's story is just as implausible.

Though he described himself as "a little bit crazy," Jamelske had a rather ordinary life until he reached his 50s. He was married with three sons, had a community college degree, and worked at grocery stores in the Syracuse area, where he grew up.

His life turned in the s. He lost his job and began scavenging for bottles and cans. His hoarding tendencies flourished as he stacked his house floor to ceiling with cast-off crap. Police counted 13, bottles in his house.

Jamelske had another momentous life event in the s: He had an open affair with a teenager, whom he brought to family functions — as his wife sat by awkwardly.

Jamelske began cruising in his distinctive vintage Mercury Comet, seeking females from the wrong side of the tracks. And he built a by foot bunker accessible through a crawl space behind a hidden door in his garage. He told busybodies it was a storm shelter. It featured a plastic bucket toilet, a filthy foam cushion as a bed, and a salvaged bathtub filled with cold water from a garden hose. In September , he lured a year-old girl into his car and secreted her in the dungeon for two years.

The girl was reported missing by her family, and they were shocked when she came home in The victim later said Jamelske had threatened to kill her brother, so she lied and said she had run away from home. In , Jamelske abducted a second year-old. For two years, he subjected the teen to daily sexual assaults — all while his wife, ill with cancer, was upstairs. He freed that victim in , again with a threat if she squealed. The girl told her mother she had been kidnapped and raped by an older man, but she was so terrified the crime was never reported.

The third victim, abducted and confined later in , was a year-old Vietnamese immigrant. She was held for five months. She went to police but said cops were skeptical of her allegations and only made a cursory investigation. In , after Jamelske's wife died, he grabbed a fourth victim, a single mother, She hurried to police when she was released after two months. She didn't know Jamelske's name or address he blindfolded his victims when coming and going to his house but gave cops a golden clue: She said his car was a Mercury Comet.

There was only one in the Syracuse area, but it was owned by a law-abider, not Jamelske. His car was a ' Police didn't bother to broaden their records search. Jamelske was 67 then, and the sex fiend needed chemical help with his manhood. He popped a daily Viagra to maintain an obsessive rape regimen. He allowed her out of the bunker and into his home, though he kept padlocks on potential escape routes. Then he began to take her on outings — to a bowling alley, bottle redemption centers, and a local bar where she sang karaoke.

During a bottle run on April 9, , Meikka managed a brief phone call to her sister. Shortly, Jamelske was in handcuffs — at last — and his other victims came forward. There was one more twist: The skinflint Jamelske — who'd argue over a nickel, according to his own son — was a millionaire.

He had inherited money and enjoyed a six-figure payday when a developer bought the land around his DeWitt house to build luxury homes. His money, which he had invested in real estate, went to his victims.

Jamelske pleaded guilty to kidnapping and was sentenced to 18 years to life. He will be eligible to apply for parole in , just before his 86th birthday. John Jamelske, of DeWitt, N. To the rest of the world, he was a kidnapper and sexual predator. The law disagreed, and convicted kidnapper Jamelske, 78, is living out his life in prison. John Jamelske built a two-room concrete bunker under the back yard of his suburban Syracuse home.

That relationship apparently inspired illicit carnal ideas. One of the rooms that Jamelske dug out through the wall of his basement contained a crude bed made of wood and a portable chair. The foot by foot room was lit by a single light bulb. Jamelske's victims were forced to use dirty tub and crude toilet in dungeon rooms he built below ground.

In October , Jamelske snared another victim, a year-old girl, whom he nicknamed Meikka. He also began to imagine that Meikka was his friend. After months of parsing, Jamelske grudgingly said, "I did some wrong things.

Our Programs – Boys & Girls Clubs of Syracuse

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America cannot withstand the invasion of these people pushing themselves into Mexico and then into America! The President must call Marshal Law to protect the American people from being harmed! This is an invasion of America. Vote Republican Save America. Barry Sanders Freelance Columnist: Sal Corrente Sports and Events: Nick Conte Education and Events: Com, located in Westchester County, New York. Barbara's profile has been in Who's Who's in America for many years. She has received awards throughout her career as an entertainer, New York Comedian, beauty consultant and businesswoman.

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Thank you for your continued support, as we bring The Westchester News. Com to the next level of success. Learn how to protect your website Federal Trade Commission. Hot-Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel Chana in de Bushwop This album's ratings appear below.

It is the opinion of this committee that hearing the type of trash contained herein is liable to subject the listener to warts, blindness, hair growth on the palms of the hands, and eventually lead to complete moral ruin and eternal damnation. The word ballon on the back contains the infamous quote from Senator Paula Hawkins "I'd be interested to see what toys your kids ever had!

According to the liner notes, the album was produced by Winston Smith and engineered by Casey Jones, with "consumable sustenance" from "Brown Rice" and guidance by Emmanuel Goldstein. In the band listing, Frank Zappa is identified as Big Mother. Other than that, the liner notes speak for themselves: The tracks presented here were recorded in Saratoga, Hollywood, and on of those cities that starts with the letter C located in the god-forsaken state of Ohio.

This is a cardboard jacket. Special thanks to George Orwell for suggesting the album title. For information, call Remember, you too can parody anything. Two and Two Make Five. Thoughtcrime Is a Violation of Applicable Laws. The CD-R version is totally terrible, because they used a CD-burner or software that automatically put gaps between the tracks.

The cover is different from the LP Actually it looks more like the Zappa face T-shirts that Barfko are currently selling. I'm also unsure as to the source, if this was taken directly from the vinyl boot or from tapes.

But the thing that really sucks about this release is a two second gap between every track. That really kills it, especially when the songs are supposed to segue. Talk about sloppy production! What a waste of money. Heavy Duty Judy Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy Ride my face to Chicago Kreegah Bondola [ version of "Let's Move to Cleveland"] The Illinois Enema Bandit This is one of the best shows, in its entirety, with very good sound. Some copies have been reported to list disc one as disc two, and vice versa.

JWB describes it like this:. Before the encore, somebody passes a note onstage. It has a bunch of fan-esque compliments and then it says something like "the only thing about you that sucks is your attitude towards women" Then Zappa replies out of the blue, in a condescending voice, with something like, "Let me tell you about women's movements.

The only good women's movement is the one where I'm inside of them and they're holding onto the bedpost and their eyes are rolled up in the back of their head. What do you think about that? All You Need Is Glove. City of Tiny Lites 3. You Are What You Is 4. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing 6. Penguin in Bondage 7. This performance is quite special in that the "Whippin' Post" solo section is in waltz mode. The cover has a photo collage, in colour. City of Tiny Lights Sharleena Part 1 Sharleena Part 2 Camarillo Brillo Part 1 The beginning of "Mudd Club" can be heard during the fade-out of track 3; "Penguin in Bondage" starts at The cover is identical as the front and back cover of the Carousel LP a girl with tambourine in a red Jaguar with a man not Zappa with Zappa's face pasted on; a musical instrument hovers in the sky above them , but with the Loreley track list.

The "booklet" spread has two colour pictures of Zappa playing his strat. More Trouble Every Day 4. Penguin in Bondage 5. Hot Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel. He's So Gay 9. Let's Move to Cleveland. This was recorded on Sep, but the cover says Nov; they mixed up the date and month. The cover furthermore depicts a girl with tambourine in a red Jaguar with a man not Zappa with Zappa's face pasted on. A musical instrument hovers in the sky above them.

What's New in Loreley? There has been a lot of speculation about whether this recording is from Stockholm Sep or Oslo Sep, but it's finally been pinned down to Stockholm.

It is from the Stockholm concert September 14 And indeed, there are some Swedish references: Tangooo Records ZS - recording date! Heavy Duty Judy 2. City of Tiny Lites 4. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing. Ride My Face to Chicago 8. He's so Gay Kreegah Bondola [ version of "Let's Move to Cleveland"]. Hot Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel The vinyl was originally released in All in all, Stockholm is the most likely candidate.

City of Tiny Lights 4. The CD version has been released in a numbered copy boxed edition FZ containing a sticker and a calendar of , mostly with tour pictures.

The box is LP-sized and looks very hand-made. Perhaps the vinyl edition was also a numbered copy run. The back of the single sheet and a bonus sticker has another picture of FZ singing into a microphone with panties on his head.

These editions were both on the anonymous " smile " label, characterised by an acid-style smiling face. The latter cover reads "live in north europe 14 sep 84". Zapped Again and Live Ahoy! More Trouble Every Day 5. Penguin in Bondage 6. Hot-Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel. Keep it Greasey No track listing at all on the colour cover. Got Zapped in '76 See also: Nig Biz [listed as "Nigger Bizznizz"] 9.

The above track list is straight from the cover, but matches what was played at the concert. It's 1 copy edition, hand-numbered in blue ink. The back cover says that "This is part 1 of the Frank Zappa Concert, Part 2 will be out soon" what part 2 became is presently not known. The back cover also apologises "for the inferior sound on the first two songs.

All other songs are recorded in full stereo, perfect quality. A matrix number of E is hand-engraved.

The vinyl is black, and each side has been banded into 3 visible tracks. There was a pop group in the '80s called "Frankie Goes to Hollywood". Rowland Hyamms Rap 2. Trouble Every Day Part 1.

Trouble Every Day Part 2 8. Penguin in Bondage 9. Ride My Face To Chicago Baby, Take Your Teeth Out This is a prime example of the secret-word tomfoolery of He was an "English publicity person" that Zappa hired to promote his concerts in Britain.

He had worked for big-league artists like David Bowie and the Rolling Stones, but Zappa is very disappointed and wants his money back. Among other things, he took some reporters to a brothel the "Chana in de Bushwop" chorus gradually mutates into "Rowland in the whorehouse". One front cover perhaps there are others is a mosaic photo of Zappa with a bunch of dollar bills, a red rose, a white scarf and a black high hat in front of him.

On the back cover are printed a track list and the numbers:. Two different labels have been reported: The record was released in Made in copies. The cover photo is from the same session as the Appleton Album cover photo, with Zappa in a juggler's hat.

When Zappa played "Bobby Brown" at this show, the crowd was divided into two parts: Fortunately for Zappa, his microphone went crazy and he soon became quite inaudible. After some confusion, he was making gestures and jumping around, and Ike Willis took over. By the time the stage crew brought Zappa another microphone, the band had won over the entire crowd.

City of Tiny Lites 5. Front cover has a picture of Zappa on stage, tinted pinkish red, on a purple background. The back cover has another stage photo in the same colour. The vinyl is black, the labels are blank - yellow on the first disc and blue on the second. Truck Driver Divorce 4. The Evil Prince [? More Trouble Every Day 7. Whether or not it's actually on the records is not known for sure.

Wet T-Shirt Nite was made in Italy, in copies, on white vinyl. Instructional Wanking was made in copies. Hot-Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel 7. Nite Owl [Tony Allen] You Are What You Is Medley on Pills Tracks 4 and 8 are unknown.

Part 2 is not known. The front cover photo is taken from page 80 in Dominique Chevalier's book Viva! The back cover photo is taken from page - also used on Frank's Place. Hot-Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel 3. Cosmik Debris [modified to "Lobster Debris"] I'm The Slime Some songs have lyrical mutations here, including the secret word for the evening: Dumb All Over 6.

The Black Page 2 8. He's So gay 9. Keep It Greasy Trouble Every day ["overdub with cut in guitar"] Penguin in Bondage ["cut in guitar solo"] The two single LPs together cover more of the show than the double LP does. Many of these recordings were used on Stage 3: OK, here's the deal. Then they play "Let's Move to Cleveland", and where they would normally sing " kreeg-ah bundola " or "let's move to Cleveland", they sing "kiss my volcano" instead. What follows are track lists and other details on the individual bootlegs.

In France [unedited version of the Stage 3 performance] 3. He's So Gay 4. Keep It Greasey 6. The Black Page 2 Part 1 [not listed]. Sharleena [listed as "Send My Baby Home"] Bamboozled by Love [unedited version of the Stage 3 performance]. Advance Romance [one source of the Stage 3 version; not listed] Carol, You Fool [ Stage 3 version] Let's Move to Cleveland Part 1 [not listed]. The cover shows Zappa with a Gibson guitar.

The picture was used on a ! It also says they have copyrighted the material and the manufacture of course, not true, not legal. The whole thing looks remarkably similar to Kiss My Volcano and The Broccoli Shower , but these records have extra material. In France [unedited version of the Stage 3 performance] 4. He's So Gay 5. Keep It Greasey 7. Some copies are on violet vinyl, and some on red.

The back cover says that "part two of this amazing show is already released! Kiss My Volcano ". Previously, I listed a track Advance Romance [one source of the Stage 3 version] 2.

Carol, You Fool [ Stage 3 version] 3. Chana in de Bushwop [? The vinyl is blue. The front cover is purplish and white, with a picture of Zappa with a baton, talking into a microphone. The back cover lists the band along with mixing engineer Davey Moire, says "ultimate soundboard stereo recording" and that "the other part of this fantastic show will be released soon under the title The Broccoli Shower.

Obviously, Kiss My Volcano is the second part and The Broccoli Shower the first part, but they were released in reverse order. Bamboozled by Love [unedited version of the Stage 3 performance] Willie the Pimp 3. Music to Change Video Tape by 7. The Black Page 2 9. Solo from Let's Move to Cleveland The Evil Prince Daddy, Daddy, Daddy The front cover photo can be seen on page 80 in Dominique Chevalier's book Viva!

The back cover photo is on page The front cover has this text: Dickie's Such an Ashole My Guitar Wants to Kill Your mama Willie the Pimp A Pound for a Brown on the Bus Incl. Make a Sex Noise When The Lie's So Big Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk Let's Move to Cleveland When Irish Eyes are Smiling Theme from the Godfather II Who Needs The Peace Corps? Stairway to Heaven Lousiana Hooker With Herpes I Am the Walrus America the Beautiful Tracks and 26 are two instances of the "Texas Medley": The front cover has a picture of Zappa in a pink sweater, playing a Stratocaster.

An "inside cover" has a list of musicians and "Notes, Aspects, Lyric Mutations, etc. The Black Page Planet of the Baritone Women [not listed] 7. I Ain't Got No Heart Beatles Songs Intro A Pound for a Brown on the Bus [listed as "Instrumental"] Strictly Genteel [listed as "Instrumental"] This was available at least as early as October Tracks 21, 24 and 26 are mysterious blank spaces, with track times meticulously listed on the cover.

Band Intro ["The Black Page" ending] 2. Any Kind of Pain 4. Planet of the Baritone Women 5. The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue 6. I Ain't Got No Heart 8. Inca Roads [part 1] Inca Roads [part 2] The Torture Never Stops [part 1] Lonesome Cowboy Burt The Torture Never Stops [part 2] As you can see, there are minor differences in what is basically two issues of the same material. The Black Page [ When the Lie's So Big [ Planet of the Baritone Women [ Any Kind of Pain [ Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk [ The back cover has title, venue and date stencilled on.

The vinyl is black, the labels are white. It isn't well known since it isn't worth knowing. The audience is clear and the band is muddy. This is the kind of album that besmirches the artists' reputations.

It may have been an excellent concert, but you would never know from that album. Bamboozled by Love 7. Let's Make the Water Turn Black 8. Harry, You're a Beast 9. Theme from Lumpy Gravy The Dessicated Theme I am the Walrus When the Lie's So Big The Planet of the Baritone Women Any Kind of Pain Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk. It has a red lever cover with a s-style Christmas photo with a baby holding a Zappa album.

The back cover has a picture of Zappa. The entire production run of Volume 2 seems to have been confiscated by the police. Love of My Life The Texas Motel Medley It also lists the musicians, location and date, secret words " schauschesch " bodyguard John Smothers' pronunciation of "sausage" and " Fornebu " an Oslo airport plus, in an attempt to masquerade as an official album, the following information:.

It's a very professional cover, made to look like a legal release. The labels, though, paint a different picture: According to a German bootleg dealer, a Volume 2 was made but the entire production run was confiscated by the police. The track listfor Volume 2 is as of yet unknown, but if it includes the rest of the Oslo show, it would have: Both CDs are numbered copy editions. Bamboozled by Love 6. When the Lie's So Big 8. Planet of the Baritone Women. Any Kind of Pain [continued] Find Her Finer I Ain't Got No Heart.

The track list reflects the fact that the CD is really divided into three tracks. Track 9 here is the missing part of "Any Kind of Pain" taken from another concert not identified, but in better sound, so it is presumably not an alternative, unused Barcelona source.

It's a good edit. After "I Ain't Got No Heart" there was another break; perhaps this has something to do with the mysterious "Time" listed on the cover as a very last track.

Monitor engineer Marque "Marqueson" McCoy won, but didn't get the girl. The front cover shows Zappa playing guitar not from Barcelona ; back cover is a band publicity shot; both are taken from the tour book the front from page 2, bottom left, the back from page 3, top right. The secret word is listed on the cover. Love of My Life [partial] 2. Watermelon in Easter Hay 5. Whippin' Post [Allman] 6. The Illinois Enema Bandit 8. Purple Haze [Hendrix] This one has "Is this part 2 of Raffle?

The front cover is a band publicity shot, the back cover shows Zappa playing guitar not from Barcelona. Very very similar but not identical pictures were used on the front and back covers of Raffle , respectively. Planet of the Baritone Women Why Don't You Like Me? Who Needs the Peace Corps? Cruisin' for Burgers Andy [vinyl only] Inca Roads [vinyl only]. According to my sources, the CD contains tracks , whereas the four vinyl sides contain tracks , , and , respectively..

Tracks , 8, 10 and 19 are live in Hartford Feb Track 4 is live in Washington 8-Feb Tracks 5 and 20 are live in Burlington Mar Track 6 is live in Detroit Feb Track 7 is live in Hartford Feb Track 9 is live in Providence Mar Tracks and are live in Allentown Mar Track 13 is live in Philadelphia Feb Tracks are live in Springfield Mar LP front cover photo: Zappa tipping his hat to the camera.

The Godfather Meets the Untouchables See also: Whippin' Post [Allman] 9. The cover is a white sleeve with a xeroxed insert. One small picture of Frank sitting on a stool onstage and a bigger picture of Frank pointing with a cigarette, probably during an interview.

The songs are listed to the left. The bottom part says "Copyright Showtime Records Limited edition of copies. Probably, some poor fellow found the wrong disc in a Frankie's Greatest Hits cover, where it had ended up by mistake, and that's how it all started. The Black Page 2. Heavy Duty Judy 5. Find Her Finer 9. Track 14, "Dessicated", is a number Zappa used to perform live with the band: However, the version on Scherade is not complete: Cruisin' for Burgers 6.

Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk 8. Ring of Fire Peaches en Regalia Keep it Greasey 3. I Ain't Got No Heart 9. Tinsel-Town Rebellion [not listed] A Pound for a Brown on the Bus [vinyl only] More Trouble Every Day [vinyl only] Penguin in Bondage [vinyl only] Hot-Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel [vinyl only] Yo Cats [vinyl only] Bamboozled by Love [vinyl only].

The LP version has tracks , and the CD version has tracks The producers thank "Big L and the inimitable Danish". Track 1 has Zappa's aquaintance Gabor Demsky, mayor of Budapest, introducing him, and tracks have Zappa jamming on guitar with the Gypsy band of Gynla Babos. These were Zappa's last live guitar solos. The boot itself is a preposterous limited edition CD-R.

The reported copy was 2 out of a total She Showed him his room, Isn't it swell, Texas Motel? She Showed me her room, Isn't it good, Norwegian Wood? Let me take you down, 'Cause we're goin' to Texas Motel Let me take you down, 'Cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields Concert Bootlegs List These are bootlegs with material from only one or two shows or from the same band.

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