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Athletic blck male looking for fun

Athletic blck male looking for fun

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I am good waiting, 5'9'' 170 brown hair and eyes, dimples and MORE. I can't promise this will turn into a relationship, but why not give meeting someone new lookung try. I also have a planet fitness membership in PSL. Going out together, hand in hand.

Relationship Status:Dowager
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Relation Type:I Am Accommodating Fun

Athletic blck male looking for fun

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I'm not waiting for someone with money because I can take care of my own but want someone who I can share my life with. Any Real Sluts Around Sacramento. Only had anal sex a couple if Athletic blck male looking for fun and REALLY liked it.

Christmas drinks So I find myself alone on christmas, not used to it, and it's weird. I do not currently have a liker.

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Am lovely and sexy. Looking for a relationship i love to play basketball as sport,listen to music, dance, read, make new meeting, travel and also cook more. Easy going n passionate I love traveling, sports , rythm n blues, any ethnicity, I'm a simple, friendly, caring, loving n emotional man full of understanding of life more. I'm single never married looking for long term relationship I'm employed and working from uganda whoever can me and I will be answerable any question more.

Who can give me a long time love insurance A caring n loving guy who is Here in search of real love. Trust worthy, reliable and dedicated and educated. Hobbies include boxing ,MMA, table tennis,lawn tennis, and political debates or chats on international relations,security more. I just love life and want to live it to the fullest. Love football ,slow music ,reading ,playing video games more. I would like to meet new people ready to talk on any subject I like to have fun I love my family, I love sports in boxing I will be happy I am a very outgoing and social person.

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Custom Vanity License Plate Search Results |

Seems to be a favorite abbreviation for vanity plates these days. I have dumb blonde license plates for few years now and I place them on upside down as I am dumb.

In April of 07 I rolled my jeep black ice. A relative at the scene of the accident took the picture.. My last name is payne.. Honda only produced around ACE Tourer 's between '98 and ' Mine is a , and she rides like a dream! Tourer owners call them "T's", thus the plate. More pics of her at www. Last year Indiana had really hideous license plates. A farm scene in three shades of green. Ironically, on my way to pickup my new plate I got rear ended. I got these plates mainly because I come from an area of NOVA full of ricers, so this should give them a chuckle as I pass them on the highway between school.

Corvette owners have waved at each other since the beginning. It seems that alot of owners of new Vette's have forgotten. I am always looking for an angle to make more money so people are always calling me "hustler". After working for the company for many years and buying several vettes, I wanted everyone to know just who paid for my toys!

Got the plate because it was built to be showcar with the evil type theme demon type, and having shosts fiberglassed in the back seat it went together,.

I have an 04 Boxer Cup Prep. I'm a big 2Pac fan and "Eyes On Me" inspired this plate. It's on a Mustang GT. It's a quote from the movie Tombstone. This is my '92 Jeep Wrangler. I'm a Filipino and most of the time they get B and V sounding the same. Just thought it would be nice to be courteous once I passed! I am assuming he hates the Red Sox.

This plate obviosuly belongs to a true Yankees fan! This is the plate on my husband's Chevy HHR. He is retired and I work full-time. After he retired, when anyone asked him what he "does" his response became "I'm a kept man". He came up with the plate himself with NO help from me! I caught this plate on a Lincoln. A tall good looking man got out of it.

I am guessing he is over 6 feet. Ladies if you see this car around upstate New York check him out, he is hot. Hi Officer, Bye Officer.. Had these plates on my car awhile back. Kept getting pulled over for both so I finally took them off.. I love pussy cats and thought it would be fun to also upset the "ultra conservative" snobs here in Virginia. It is on a Ford Roadster. World of Wheels winner, HP, has appeared in 3 magazines. Goes from 0 to 60 in 2. These plates are from the previous owner.

Obsessed with telling the world she was Puerto Rican and she was convinced she was a vampire. I just wanted to see if the dmv would accept the plate. I have been pulled over 3 times in 1 year because of the plate some cops think that its all O's or all 0's. I got this plate right after the movie "Dude Where's My Car" came out.

You would not believe the amount of people on the street that come up and repeat it back to me.. My car is a GTO "Judge"; I'm not the first to get a similar plate but they are hard to get as most of these cars have vanity plates These are the plates on our big green company school bus.

Yes, we have a big green company school bus. That's just how we roll at uShip, the online shipping marketplace. If it would be at all possible for you to include a link to our vehicle shipping page, we would be very appreciative.

Inspired by working at a hospital repairing computers and run a business doing the same. It is common to look in the rear view and see people laughing after they make the plate out. The fire fighter part well everyone should volunteer for their community doing something what do you do? I had two Harleys at one time, these were their plates. Now the RUEZ is on one of my cars. It's mine, was on my Harley I'll upload those in a second then transfered it to my car a few years back.

BMV has tried to not issue it more than once, I've had it for 12 years! Kept telling them it was Easy Rider My primary hobby is Guns, and I am a Geek by trade [paid for my brains instead of my sweat or my prescence] I own this plate. On my Superhawk, a motorcycle that axclr8's pretty quickly. I own this plate. It's one of of the last "NA" version of the old body style Miata with the flip-up headlights and has an emblem inside bearing "", meaning of STO's made. After that year, the models became "NB's", without the body style that had been manufactured since This is my plate on my black H2 Hummer.

As a child, my favorite song was "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield It was taken at a bike week in the Outer Banks NC This shot was on my Sportster, it is now on my Electra Glide. I'm a nudist who happens to drive a PT Cruiser.

Hence, the meaning is "Cruise Naked". It is my car, and my plate. This is not my vehicle. At first, I thought it was a plate about the model of the car--then I got the joke. Responsible off roading on legal property. Swim PC Providence College? Using the airport codes for both cities, I let the world know.

I just got tired of people asking me if it was my boyfriends car! They're still surprised when they pull up and see a girl! License Plate from a guy's car who works at a computer anti-virus company Virus Cop. If a cop pulls me over, I just say its a cry for intervention. Read it backwards that should explain all. My grandkids think I'm weird. In this case, "exploit" is a synonym for "use".

And this badass truck is being used like no others ever seen. He's a geek all the time No kiddin', they're license plates? Oh well, takes all kinds I heard the phrase "Yes chef" called out constantly by the cooks on the show Hell's Kitchen and thought it would make a great vanity plate.

The car was designed by General Motors High Performance Division and was the first car equipped with the Supercharged 2. It will run The cops were always surprised to see a 50 yr old instead of a 20 something in this car. This car surprises many because it is supercharged and designed by General Motors High Performance Division and has been dyno'd at HP and Torque both at the wheels. The car will run I've had this plate since June Straannnnggeeee This plate gets all kinds of reactions.

Ram Air was a very intimidating competition-busting icon developed by GM in the late 60's to promote sales during the height of the musclecar wars.

It functionally provides cooler denser outside air to the engine which also adds horsepower. The moniker was recently revived in GM's Trans Am WS6 model by introducing a very sinister looking twin hoodscoop design which in the eyes of the buyer sent these cars to victory without even running a single race. This is my cousins plate on his Ford Probe.

He is a Redskins and Gators fan. FABU is a word my friends and I have used for many years to describe something wonderful, delightful, and yes, fabulous. When the weather is warm and the top is down, everything is FABU. This is my plate Meaning should be self explanatory. This is my Plate. The meaning is simple " Don't Talk "!!! Mountain View, which is ironic, as I caught this plate against the skyline of Providence. Of special note, the guy was shaving as he drove.

To shred is to windsurf, snowboard, hang-glide etc. You know you had a good time if you come back with shredded clothing or equipment where the term originated in the 80's. First the front plate was stolen and then the van died on me. It will soon be seen on my next vehicle! I'm a professional handyman. I got this plate shortly after vanity plates became available in Wis. It's a good form of advertising, and an icebreaker at estimates.

There is a secret holy war in the geek kingdom. In hacker culture, the holy war of the editors is an ongoing debate in the computer programming community about which text editor is best for general-purpose editing.

The two largest camps are those favoring vi and those favoring Emacs. VIM is vi on steroids. But who do they come to when they need VIM advice? To me of course This is my plate for my Mazda It is one one of my cars and is a real plate. I used to do alot of highway driving. Snapped this photo while waiting at a jug handle. What does the sticker say on the bumber? Hi Bobby - Not sure what the "Remember Bobby" motorcycle bumper sticker refers to?

Plate has two meanings One was you got smoked in a race and the other cause i quite smoking. It's what you say when you taste something good.

It's on my Plymouth panel delivery truck. No, I am not a doctor. Dr Gonzo is the late great Hunter S. It appeared to be some kind of kit car. Northern Virginia has heavy traffic congestion thus.. Observed on a silver Jeep in Chantilly, Virginia. Northern Virginia is a haven to Spanish speaking illegal aliens who sometimes cannot A spoof on "G. Unfortunately, the driver was given a ticket and the tag reported to the DMV. They are always on their knees doing something.

It is the plate on my custom Toyota pickup. Pretty self explanatory, and it gets a lot of comments either when it is in a parking lot or at a truck show. I have had the plate for close to seven years with no intention of ever letting it go. Pretty straightforward -- a statement about the many lies told by President George W. We actually saw someone in Virginia with this plate and decided to get it ourselves. First we got the DC version, but when we moved to Maryland we got it here, too.

Being a hacker and video gamer myself, I thought the plate was priceless, and took a picture with my friend's camera. Gotta be a pilot - "downwind" ain't the way to land it - it's a "leg" of the approach though. All good "parrot heads" know where A1A takes you Buffett fan, fer sure!

No Fearr My plate Originated many years and many cars ago on a 89 bronco monster truck! F K you GM This is my plate. On the back of my supercharged mustang. As you can see, I hate General Motors. I live for all things Civil War both blue and gray. This plate is ME! This is my plate for the last 4 years or so yes, I actually drive this car to work everyday!

It is actually a 3-way pun. Saw this on a BMW The DMV website said you couldn't have explitives, racist or offensive materials I guess I beat the system! Must say though, the plate said it all after being hit by a woman turning left in front of me. I flew over her car and did a flip! Made cops laugh when I got pulled over once I saw this tag last year at a local electronic's store. I could not believe that someone would have this as a tag and that it slipped by the DMV! With the booming sound system, remote start, exhaust flame kit, and suped up motor, it is quite a scary ride.

The plate is on a hp, blown Mustang GT, and this horse will run! I am an Alabama Crimson Tide fan. This is my license plate. It stands for the state of Indiana where I lived during most of my formative years and still feel a strong connection to and for Indiana University of which I am a graduate.

I got this plate about 15 years ago because it suited my driving style in the BMW I drove at the time. Since then, it was profiled on Canada's Worst Driver Season 2 and is now Canada's most notorious plate ; Nowadays, even a request with the word REV in it will be rejected as supporting speeding, so my plate would NEVER be issued in todays climate of political correctness.

I guess they go to atlantic city ALOT!!!! I think it's pretty inspirational My 96 Cobra is much faster than people expect it to be so when someone races me at the track and they are amazed I am pulling away from them the plate ways it all My cobra is pretty quick huh?

At a pet fair, a short young man offered to pet sit our short canine for a short time while we went to visit the felines. Just as our top government officials fly in specially designated aircraft we got another plate loosely patterned after the naming convention of AF1 and AF2.

Most people get a kick out of the tag when I roll down my window and they see me in the car. It definitely makes my driving experience entertaining. This name has stuck with me forever now. We were actually in bad traffic which was the only way we got the picture. Nerds actually use such shorthand in actual face-to-face conversation with friends these days.

I myself have been known to. Not quite sure if this was the driver's name, or if he is an attorney!! This is the license plate on our third car, a Subaru, which replaces my Nissan Z on snowy days in New England! After following this vehicle for several miles in the Boston area and judging by how this individual drives, I think the license plate needs no further explanation It caused the whole Digg meltdown on the day I bought this car so I felt it was only right to get the plate for it.

I've owned it for 25 years now and unfortunately it's been in storage for several years and is no longer roadworthy. I plan to resurrect it one of these days. This lives in my condo building. It is on a Roush Mustang Cobra. Either this person is a bail bondsman or they are playing off the speed of the car assuming they'll be pulled over soon: I'm a huge Wilco fan and wanted a plate to reflect that, but didn't simply say "Wilco" although that is available still in DC.

It's been fun introducing people to Wilco when they ask about the plate or meeting fellow Wilco fans that know what it means from the start. I am a swing dancer with a car named after a big cat I saw this on a Pink Mazda Protege. And sure enough, she was blonde! Sorry for the angle, snapped it going by. It is my plate on my mazda3. I purchased a black Cadillac Deville and tinted the windows pretty dark. I enjoy passing people and want to let them know it's not their fault Cross a Linux geek with a Green Bay Packers fan, and you get this plate.

Only thing that sucks about this plate is having to explain it to people time and time again. Yes, this is my plate and my old car. I was driving home from work, some guy behind me took a picture, posted it on his site, a friend from IRC saw it and let me know about it. It was on a yellow pickup. I had to stretch the zoom on my camera and the lighting conditions were bad.

Whoa Horsey is what you would say to slow a horse down. My car is a mustang that gets raced at the track a lot. Everyone els has giddy up etc, I never saw this plate. Also a good conversation peiece at car shows.

Oftentimes, people particularly upstate New Yorkers will take this to heart and get angry and whip around the duster. Here she is after accidentally hitting a deer -- the irony Is it the real Santa? All the kids seem to think so.

Gary Kline plays Santa for the children every year and so says his plate This is the plate on my Honda Civic. The meaning of the plate is Palindrome, which is a word or phrase that is spelled the same forward or backwards.

Trying to spread the word to be a better person. Just made me laugh every time I saw it on paper. I am very frustrated by the general unwillingness to use the throttle by Northern Virginia drivers. After we moved from Seattle to Tucson in , we got this plate. It's on my Mercedez convertible I picked it for simply vanity. If possible, add my company URL next to my license plate photo: I bought my first road bike, an '05 Honda VFR , for the pure joy of the ride.

Well, I chew Copenhagen , but COPEN also mean just dealing with everyday crap. This is the plate we have on our little 98 Cobra.

You'd be surprised how many people don't understand it. This is my plate on my Honda Civic. This is mine on my daily driver a 95 Honda Civic. It says exactly what I think of cops for the most part This is on my green F and the old plate is on my green Dodge Stands for "Bookcrossing" - a web site that promotes exchanging books and reading.

The home office is in Idaho. Being "transplants," we're still proud Buckeyes. Using the Block "O" given on the plate, it reads "Ohio Native". I don't like being tailgated! This plate is on my daughter's Ford F pickup. Her Paint horse is named Dude. Also, a Dudette is a cool girl or woman; a female dude. The difference in performance is the basis for the two plates. From the tale, Jekyll is the mild mannered Doctor. The plate was on my 69 Judge in Colorado Springs for several years.

You saw it here first!! Halo 3 is an xbox video game that my family enjoys playing. We have it on the back of our 06 Mustang. One of the greatest car chase movies of all time - "Vanishing Point" the original, no the remake. The term also descibes two long lines that intersect in the distance - the open road.

If you see the movie, it stands for indpendence and having fun with a car. I began playing tuba in 6th grade and played through college. After a hiatus while in the Army I began playing again and for the past 26 years, while employed at Houghton College, I have been playing in the college wind ensemble and a couple of other local civic concert bands.

A linguistics professor friend of mine uses my plate to explain the Rebus Principle. We keep the SPF 15 tanning lotion in the glove box for the really sunny days. Yes, this is my plate. Apparently there's some kind of limit on the number of letters. Marion and Marie Minor are 50 year old twins. They are my special friends and have a great vanity plate..

The are dairy farmers and live in Fairfield, Vermont. I met them when I lived in St. I visited them this summer and think the picture with the plate is awesome! My first name and first 2 letters of my last, given to me by mamadukes, she had it on her car since i was born. The reference is to the Owner having a Mustache for as long as he has been riding Motorcycles Privately The reference is to providing "Mustache Rides" to the opposite sex. I work for the TSA now to make sure another September 11th never happens again.

I went from a muscle car to a Cadillac of all things. I must truly have entered Geezerhood. I teach a methodology for aligning business called "Pull Thinking".

Hellfire, as in Hellfire Rocket. My last name is Polley, and I was given the nickname "The Pollenator" in high school by some patronizing teammates, but I've since reclaimed it. And no, I'm not a bee-keeper or a lothario. We originally got the plate for our '99, green, VW Beetle because we travel to Hawaii annually, love green sea turtles, and the car looks a bit like one.

When we bought our new '07 BMW xi, we kept the plate out of sentiment. The new car is no way slow like a turtle, but reminds us of the fun we had in the old car and the great trips to come in the new.

Pictured is the plate on the original vehicle, my wifes '99 VW Beetle. I am in the military and also a youth preacher. I use my vehicle as a means to witness. When officers and other individuals ask me what the license plate means I share the scripture with them.

I'm also slightly crazy so it fits my personality in that way as well: I attend about games a summer. NOVA 67 is nostalgic. Many of us owned a NOVA at one time. Having a vanity plate telling you what year it is answers lots of questions. One license plate is worth a thousand words! I am an alumnus of Arizona State University. But then again it may be a six cylinder. I'll drink to that!. I saw the plate at a collector car show in Spencer, Massachusetts in late August.

My friend Louis B. Grace loves number plates. Upon obtaining this incredibly low number Massachusetts - Lou located three consecutive plates with his number!

He proudly displays them in his foyer! I was on vacation down Cape Cod and on the look-out for vanity plates. This tire cover wins the prize! I interviewed a welder for my blog and took the opportunity to take a picture of his vanity plate! Single digit "anything" are impressive in Massachusetts" plate land. I was at the world famous Brimfield Flea Market when I came upon this new Chrysler with the owner asleep in air conditioned comfort. Steve liked the plate.

I was at a flea market and say this plate as the man was leaving his car. He said he "hit it big" a couple of years ago with his inventions and is now "living in the lap of luxury!

John Lennon Imagine Plate. I imagine an end to they tyranny of George W. Bush a day when the reputation and integrity of this country will be restored. See base of plate.. Part of the fees go for veteran services.

Thank a Veteran for your Freedom. I got FERRETS because I have run the only ferret rescue in the state of Colorado since and the plates help pass the word there is a rescue for ferrets and we always need help: SEP is commemorating the date September 11, and this plate is on my vehicle.

The plates belong to my husband and is on his black Mitsubishi Galant. It is genetic code. So translated it means Start to Stop. I also tell people that it is encrypted for science geek. I'm a scientist and I do a lot of work with DNA sequences. There is also meaning it my plate relating to driving. When you drive a car you drive from start to stop. So I just had to get it.

It's a take on "Got Milk? I got it because sometimes it rains and I have to drive my car and not ride my bike. One of the first pros I met was Pete Peters who wore 33 so I adopted that number as my own.

This is my jplate. This is my plate and I had it made because my son plays football and I bought the van so that I could haul the football players around from practice and such and they all call me Mom. I also have a shirt that says Football Mom. Whenever a passenger in my car wants to ride with the convertible top down we call it going "top lus".

I was surprised that Connecticut's DMV's let it go through. Needless to say, I get a lot of attention on the road from it When I drive my Miata Vely being my nickname The plate is mine, I am a fifth generation Santa Claus. This is my current Santa plate. I have had variations of Santa plates over the years for my cars but my motorcycle has always plate been Rudolph.

My aunt had given me the nickname "J-SKEE" in the 5th grade out of nowhere and ever since then the name stuck. The plate is mine. I originally went for psycho and was turned down but was allowed this plate.

It was a statement of my state of mind right after I got my divorce 12 years ago. Birthday present from my wife I get a kick out of watching people in my rear view mirror as they try to decipher its meaning. You see a light bulb usually go off when they get it and then they laugh and tell the person sitting next to them about it. That is when I usually blow my horns and scare the crap out of them because they are decibel air horns!!!

This plate is on my Jeep Grand Cherokee yes it is a fully loaded Limited with the 5. Jimmy Buffett song lyrics: Meant to be taken 2 ways. Well, when I had to go to the DMV to get my license renewed, I went ahead and filled out an application, and it got approved. I get a lot of compliments about my plate, even from the cops!

Although, it's never gotten me out of a ticket. What better way to finalize my Mustang GT. The car and plate are for sale together. Make me an offer honkytonkmood aol. To good for you This is how I feel about my husband that cheated on me and left me 3 months after I had our daughter. I have had this plate for years.

This plate is a reflexion of my insistence of a positive mental attitude at all times and how I feel when I maintain this attitude. This is my tag. This is my vanity plate. First reason is of course not the obvious reason. My grandfather retired from the Chicago Police dept as a lieutenant. I was a Security Police officer in the Air Force. I respect the law and law enforcement officials. I saw this in a parking lot at the Cape Cod Mall.

I think it makes sense for a place known for its beaches!! He actually had the last laugh with a ticket for speeding Because it's such a cool looking truck, I got tired of all the guys asking me if the truck belonged to a member of the male species ie: Since I got the tags, I've never been asked again: My wife and daughter and myself are huge Shania Twain fans. We met her here in New York City in and she signed my daughters guitar and took a picture with her.

I submitted the picture to Country Weekly and they published it in the Fantastic section of the magazine. Awesome day it was to meet her. I own 2 Meineke shops and 51 weeks a year.. I've had 3, and they've all had this plate, which is how I feel when I'm driving it when the top's down, the sun is shining, and Jimmy Buffet music is playing.

I love watching people behind me trying to figure out what it says, and some of them have even stopped me to ask. Reminds me of why I go to work.. Being from "Philly", Pa. The O C O has no meaning as a word, but a visual. It gives the impression of the salmon swimming through rings.

The Plate meaning is mine and means sleeping not dead. The Plate is mine and I came up with the plate name because it was a bike , I Rescued the Bike and Put her back together , The Company that makes the Bike uses the Lions Head as its Logo , So I thought For everything the Bike went Through and and for those that lost their lives that I would give it the name of sed8td.

For Me sd8td Means Sleeping not Dead. This Massachusetts vanity plate has been unavailable for some 40 years. Now, for my birthday, I finally got it ,and had to buy a new truck to accommodate my plate. My friend Doctor Grace is in the picture. MD with a big G - a unique Massachusetts plate. We both appreciate plates! It's colloquial Japanese for the word box. I drive a Scion xB. The car was made in Japan and it looks like a box.

One of the standard Virginia plates is "Kids First. A lovely sentiment -- at least it was until my neighbor got a hold of it! People used to always ask me where co-workers were, even if I had no reason to have seen them.

I started saying "I'm psychotic, not psychic" and finally got a license plate to reflect that. Incidentally, the plate arrived the same day I found out I was pregnant It says "Are You Listening" I have 2 ten inch. I got the plate because when I first bought my truck, I described it as a Yeti a cousin to bigfoot. It started out in college when I had a VW Rabbit diesel with a W stereo in it where people said they could hear me before they could see me.

I then got my motorcycle plate now you don't as it was just fun. The plates are mine and mean exactly what they say. Life is short play naked. This one is mine. But still a Philly sports fan. My favorite Philly restaurant - Geno's! Enjoy meeting fellow Philly fans who see the plate. Laugh off anyone who thinks it means "cheese sticks". This is for their CD titled "Everyday" as well as the fact that I listen to them everyday. This is the vanity plate on my Shelby GT which has cobras on the front an fenders.

It means the car is venomous. When Burr Fox stuck his head in the hole he was attacked by honey bees. I have this tag on my living quarters horse trailer which I haul my horses Riverdance and Dawson to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and many other places to camp and trail ride with friends.

This is my first personalized plate that I got when Iowa first offered the option. This plate is on my 04 Explorer with some blacked out features, black skulls below the Explorer badge, and black wheels. I call it the Captain Jack Sparrow edition of the Explorer. Just having some fun with pirates.

It is the plate on my first Corvette. I've wanted one since I was Then when I got married my wife said I could buy one when we could afford it. Now at age 56 I finally bought my first Corvette.

INFO and I webcast and podcast audio and video for my church, family, and friends. INFO and I webcast audio, and video contact for my church and friends. I got this plate for my Chevy Blazer. And still it hard with a well hung black mamba!! Coloured guy living alone in Darrenwood Randburg Gauteng Looking for a woman married or single to fuck whenever I call Any age leave your number.

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