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Lines of Departure: Our Soldiers Deserved Better Weapons

Looks like a good patent, Don. I would build some models in 5. NATO rounds hav been American-picked rifle rounds too big, and then too small , and European-picked pistol rounds too small. What we should have gone on is European-picked rifle rounds 6. One good thing about the M16 is that any Viet or Salvadorian year old can pick one up and fire it for as long as it takes to jam.

I think that was one of the selling points, way back in the 60s, actually; that the AR was more usable for Asian and much deadleir, which it is, than the. The Air Force found the M14 totally inadequate due to weight, length, and recoil, so they began looking for something else. In , there was a major overhaul across Regiment. It was something I had been mentioning in the SEP for a long time, but figured the Army would never do it because it made too much sense for us.

I was shocked when I finally had one in hand, never to be cursed with the M16A2 again. Sure it had some teething problems, but so did the M or any other service rifle for that matter. The American military establishment should have stuck with the 7. Not only do the military mental midgets fight the last war, they rarely embrace evolutionary weaponry like the FN-FAL in the early s.

Like I said, some variant of the AR would have also sufficed with a little added weight in the barrel and buttstock for balance and controllability in full-auto. Off a built-in bi-pod the AR would have been marginally controllable in full auto and it shoots a major caliber with an effective kill range of — meters. Well, Springfield Armory sabotaged the FAL and later, the AR10 by cheating on the tests so the M14 looked better, while lying about the cost so the M14 looked dramatically cheaper, and the US contractor responsible for redrafting the metric drawings for production in American units screwed up the process by trying to do straight mathematical unit conversions, causing tolerance stacking.

The Belgian FAL was eventually adopted by over 90 countries and continues to be the main battle rifle of many today. FALs have been mostly phased out, even in the 3rd-world holes where it was so popular.

Proliferation of lighter weapons has displaced it significantly. One of the officers who was involved recently had his life history recorded on audio, and described what they did to the FAL that way.

The AR15 was later sabotaged several times, both up in Alaska, and later down at Fort Benning, and it still beat the M14 in terms of reliability, accuracy, and ability to qualify with. There were actually two batteries of tests that I know of. One showed the M14 much superior. The next one, after McNamara, showed it no better, in the aggregate, and sometimes inferior. But the Army that rolled over, greased its collective butt for, and then lied on an historically heroic scale about, Project , is not to be trusted to speak the truth about anything.

I trust my experiences with both weapons over several decades. The M14 action is open for everyone and everything to enter and have their way with her. The M14 chokes if it even gets near beach sand, and the action allows small debris to fall down through it into the magazine, which acts like a garbage receptacle, only to be recycled as the follower attempts to push the cartridges back up into the action.

It takes a gifted and dedicated armorer to support as well, who needs much more specialized training. Most will string on you with heating due to the pencil barrel profile, combined with a grotesque design of a gas system and Garand op rod. Magazines are heavy and wear through your mag pouches quickly due to the angles and follower design. Mag changes are anything but rapid. Profile of the rifle is such that very few soldiers are suited to carry and fire it. The AR15 is much more reliable than the M14 in my experience, is inherently more accurate, has superior ergonomics, is easier to maintain from micro to macro levels looking at logistics, and increases hit probability significantly.

If I had my way, we would have had a 6. If you run some units toe-to-toe with an intermediate cartridge, versus 7. The FAL was originally chambered in 7. Chambering it in 7.

Its biggest strength is the adjustable gas system. Besides caliber, the biggest flaw is the rear sight being part of the lower receiver group, while the front sight is on the upper. Charge handle and bolt release are very nicely located. Accuracy is well below a Stoner DI rifle.

I find myself wondering how you feel about the Tavor. Oh, and no thanks necessary. The rest of the country was paying taxes for me to have the time of my life. My personal experience with Israelis only covers the Navy, but those I saw armed still used a M16 variant, though it did not look as short as the M4.

There are reasons to do it, of course, and ways that it can be done. But the design trade-offs required to make it ambidextrous, with a decent trigger, etc. Yes I know, no one from the last 50 years should even consider such a thing, but to me it still matters. Ardant du Picq wrote about this quite a bit, odd years ago. The look on his face was precious. It was shortrly after that that the group I worked for effectively banned me from talking to foreigners.

All of which goes to bullpups and bayonets. If the objective is terror, then the shorter bullpup is perhaps less terrifying. By that I mean fewest weapon systems per ton of ship or per cubic foot of ship. It took twenty years to build it back up to the point where the Navy could design a modern, effective surface ship or submarine.

But reality hit when the navy could conduct far more sorties from yankee station 80 nm offshore than the air force could from Thailand which required enroute refueling.

The F commonality program TFX came because both the air force and navy needed new swing wing fighters. It was to be a follow in to the F The navy needed a fleet air defense fighter that could engage multiple targets with 80 nm air to air missiles. The only similarity between the two concepts was the were called fighters by each service.

The result for the navy was an aircraft that was too heavy when fully fueled and armed to use the deck edge elevators. So much or the arming would have to be done on the flight deck rather than the hanger deck. Even worse, when fully armed with Phoenix missiles, the F was overweight for landing and would have had to jettison a couple of million dollar missiles to land. Fortunately Grumman had been designing on its own what was to become the F and was ready with prototypes about a year after McNamara resigned.

And those others still walk among us. Sig sg and variants chambered in 6. Support get the 9in bbl variants. Rechamber the m in the same 6. The downrange ballistic performance improvement may be such that many m gpmg variants could be replaced with a 6. Son of a gun: When I finally did make Panama, 8 years later, I found that I was in total agreement with you about the climate and the women-folk. On the NATO side of the equation, I thought the German G-1 was a lovely, but relatively awkward handling rifle, and that the quick shooting MG 34 took a bit of time getting used to.

By my way of thinking, each firearm is a tool to be used as the circumstances warrant. It just felt wrong and I never shot it as well as an A1.

Accurate it was not but I have to admit it was reliable. Unfortunately, I was never permanent party, I did a bunch of time with the 82nd, and ended up doing Kindle Liberty a couple of times, and the Jungle school twice different unit each time before the invasion. As you know, the various communities within the military can be rather small when you get down to it. The very best part was you could experience it all without the north German weather whistling down from the Baltic.

I only missed qualifying expert once in 23 years, and I blame that on the overgrown lane I was on. Having said that, we both know that the Army Markmanship program, outside of the AMU, for the most part, was a pretty hit or miss transaction. You missed a helluva time then. Lemme tell you why: Each of the three line battalions in Panama got more ammunition, 4.

We used it to live fire at least 13 times a month, with no safety considerations to speak of. And we used KD ranges, too. Panama was a great place to be a soldier, generally, and the women were…well…go here: I know, I have buds that served down there in the Airborne Battalion the 08? One last thing before I go Colonel, having been to your website, seen the interview you did for Black 5, and read most of your work, I think I can identify the character s you identified most closely with.

I going to go out on a limb here and say that you likely would have been an SOB to work for in our former profession. I think I can say with a straight face that I took some getting used to. Funny little set of concidences there, actually. Collins and I were both 10 Infantry rats. Our first overseas assignment was, for both of us, Fort Davis, CZ. And we both went to Boston Latin. I personally find that amusing. Interesting set of coincidences between the two of you. Davis was on the Atlantic side, was it not?

I took a quick look at Amazon to see if that title was available and it was. To fight, and win in a conventional setting envolves a different skill set that as a Company Commander in a Mech. Shoot — looks like discuss ate my last post. Ah well, still looking forward to your next article. I wonder how close our opinions will turn out to be on what the proper weapon and round we should be arming our Grunts and Super Grunts with.

I will say I have a moderate affection for the 6. You may be surrprised. I liked AK enough to stay for a few years after before moving back home. As an aside, I hope your enjoying Blacksburg! I am graduating Tech and the Corps of Cadets next week and wouldnt have traded my 4 years here for anything in the world!

My feelings for Blacksburg are…schizoid. But emotionally, I practiced law here, hated nearly every minute of that, and so I would leave this place in a heartneat except that the wife really loves it here. I will not be, the combination of being a political science major who switched from engineering, and blowing out a knee led to me leaving NROTC. Happens, and the services are not going to spend any money or risk spending any until they already have quite a bit invested in you.

They praised the round as being powerful enough to kill with one shot, and the weapon as virtually indestructible. They viewed the AK and the 7. I see little has changed. The Marines resisted longer than the pother branches, hanging on to the full-powered 7. The problem at Wanat was a training problem and a command problem, not a failure of the rifle. The grass is greener until you put an AK through its paces in volume. They are pieces of garbage really.

Only one was able to stay in the Army, and we think rock or projectile fragments went through his arm, not the full projo at speed, because it was so minor and clean. Everyone else died or had horrible wounds. I enlisted in the Army in and was trained with the M In Vietnam the M14 was prized and cursed by the Marines. By the way, I just recently discovered Tom Kratman and am halfway through the second book of his Carrera series.

I now count him as one of my favorite fascist pigs. It might have been heavier than the M16, but it put a very acceptable hole in things it was pointed at. Something chambered for 7. A purely mechanical system you can train someone to repair in the field, electronics not so much. According to my former law partner who held the OPFOR weapons portfolio when he was MI in Germany, they are not as innaccurate as legend has it, but they are usually unzeroed when we get them and we rarely or never zero them.

Group center would be measured and elevation and windage adjusted, if necessary, to put the group center 25cm high. Then the recruit would put his rear sight back on the battlesight zero setting and never touch it again. An AK74 or RPK74 was zeroed in exactly the same manner, except that battlesight zero was checked at 25m and the rear sight slide would be set to m, for the same 25cm high at m recheck.

And that was it. Probably the frontline Sov infantrymen, at least, in GSFG and at the front in Afghanistan had performed these procedures with their own rifles. When you start talking about the rest of the Soviet Category I units, maybe not. The weapon does not a soldier a make. By which I mean that for infantry units of the squad size up to company sized, the vast majority of ammunition expended, whether by round count or by weight, is going to be through an assortment of belt-fed weapons.

On the offensive, the LMG teams lay down a base of suppressive fire and the riflemen form a maneuver element, fix bayonets, and close with enemy positions to assault them at close quarters. As such, as long as the guys with the s and SAWs have ammo, decent firing positions, and targets, the riflemen could be armed with trapdoor Springfields or Krags for all the difference it would make in terms of wars won or lost WWII and Korea would have come out exactly the same way if US troops had been armed with Krags and Lewis Guns, true?

I was talking to an SF type of long acquaintance over the weekend. Visionary that I am, I decided the Mattell-toy was adopted so the girls could play.

It took longer than I expected, but here we are. Having gone into combat with the French Army and the FFL I do not understand the sneering disregard many Americans have for their forces and military technology. Still, it almost always makes sense if you look at it just so. It was probably an extra ounce or so of steel per magazine doing it that way. To us it would make no sense at all….

Their approach to combat was much the same; a little flashy, hard for others to interface with unless they, too, were French speakers, I noted but effective, even elegant. I think French soldiers and equipment have always been pretty good, even in WW2. French Generals and political leaders on the other hand…. Like the Brits, was it Churchill that commented: There are several better alternatives in intermediate calibers such as the 6.

That way you can save money by keeping the basic platform but have more stopping power at range. And if they replaced the gas tube with a gas piston system they would have a more reliable weapon. This is like the colonist of arming the redcoats with better Brown Bess muskets in their eyes. What you need to do is set up a parallel army of some kind. That may sound weird to us Americans, but if you look at real life dictators it may well be more common than not. Yes come to the south and try that.

Between a populous gleeful at the thought of killing said invading army and the amount of weapons here not to mention the real military kicking their asses for any of a variety of reasons it would be literally bloody murder. All this after a few years of Biafra-style engineered famine. Mass-media and compulsory education is doing more to kill us out than open warfare ever could.

You realize the our military would wipe the floor with them and at the same time they would have to deal with guerrilla fighters behind the lines and millions of National Guard and milita fighters.

In , as a plebe at Annapolis,we all had to qualify with both the M1 Garand and the Colt Model The Garand is heavy — 11 lbs with a full 8 round en bloc clip, cleaning kit and a sling — but it was lethal to yards.

If you aim at a center of mass, it should kill. Clicks are each 1 MOA. On Iwo, Japanese soldier thought all the American troops had machine guns. They actually liked the ergonomics of their new AKs, but did not like its performance at range to say nothing of the AKSU , and many Red Army soldiers unofficially reverted to the old AKMs to help deal with Hajis taking potshots at them with their ancient Enfields.

I have read that, in some units, at least, they upped the Dragonovs from one per platoon to two per squad. IMO, the Soviets got that one right. And Firestorm, it is much easier to get hits at range with the 5. I have even tested them side-by-side. Probably, given their army. A bit like the French, everything the Soviets did made theoretical sense, given their circumstances.

Having seen the effects of M, the MK, and the MK in combat, having people critique the M4s stopping power who have never seen a effective modern round yet still critique the weapon still astounds me. As for reliability, the biggest problem I have seen is improper lubrication, mostly overlubing. And Wanat was not a weapons failure, it was a leadership and training failure. To say it exonerates the M4 is going too far: Rather, the Battle of Wanat was the result of a chain of tactical mistakes, lapses in judgment, failures to hold the human terrain, and failures of leadership.

At what range could you get reliable first round hits with a 20 inch match barrel and ammunition suitable to it? At what range if you were firing 6. Well of course the army is going to do anything possible to whitewash Wanat, due to how many mistakes were made above the O4 level.

And as for the guns performances, they tried to use their rifles as if they were belt feds, they got the predictable results. Trying to compare 5. Of course a medium machine gun is going to outrange a rifle. The biggest problems are with the M4 is the end user. Guys are not properly trained, do not get enough ammo to shoot, and are given crappy mags and ammo.

What people want when they bitch about the M4 is some super rifle that gets rid of any need to have a competent shooter. And if you are considering a no wind, known dope and barometrics, probably about a yards. But considering most sniper schools been to two , state that to yards is about as far as you can go depending on the round with a guaranteed first round hit.

As for the 6. Who you talking about, the average army grunt or me. Hell, the damned thing is only 5. There is NO reason to issue the M4 to line grunts. At what range can Pvt. Back in the s, the Austrians ran an experiment. They used zeroed and unzeroed rifles with both trained marksman and untrained. Interestingly, with an untrained marksman, hits were more likely with unzeroed than with zeroed rifles. After all, we cannot duplicate in training the conditions of a firefight, hence we cannot train it, and the standards we may have are meaningless because we cannot simulate the conditions.

We suppress at range. We hit by chance at range. We inflict friction and fear at range. We get benefit of the sound of a passing bullet. Then he writes books and articles, and occasionally appears on TV to rant about all the fucked up things and how it should be fixed. Where the fuck were you when you could have made a difference, pal? Pathetic… every single one of them.

You are intimately familiar with my career then? And how I went along to get along? Here we go, mindreader, on why the safety program is bull: A troll and a coward, I figure.

Maybe, my 17 yo daughter could likely get a name for us if I bribed her well enough. I will agree on asshole though. Fairly easy just disregard what Clausewitz said on the subject of easy to do in MOUT, Jungle, or other terrain not suited to the bad guys being able to roll right over top of you.

I also said that I was still pissed today how my buds in Division were used in Gulf War 1 as speed bumps initially. Agree again, depending on how much time they have to fortify their positions primary, secondary, supplementary prior to an attack and the support they have on call.

You know, someone can use a pseudonym online, no problem. And someone can be an asshole under his own name, online, no problem. You might get a kick out of the one on compromising the defense exam. This is how it came to pass:.

See, there were, on the defense exam, in IOAC, a series of five questions covering how infantry gains depth in the defense. The infantry school was dead wrong. So my five answers are marked wrong. I forget the title of the colonel who told me to pound sand. I appealed that, too. And mine was the last class to have to take that test; they had to redesign and rewrite it. I stopped writing for them when Col. All tried to incorporate as much bleeding edge technology as possible and all have either bitten the bullet or have significant teething problems.

Why are we not changing our focus to more evolutionary designs? Could we not get a lot more buck rogers for our bucks? With an evolutionary design, you should have a better appreciation of where your problems are going to lie and hopefully have ways in mind to deal with them. Though even the stubbier barrels firing Grendel show fair ballistics. And…maybe not have a carrying handle on the upper but put a scope on. Part of the problem is the same dance the DOD has been performing with most weapons systems.

Build one system to do all things. Unfortunately what works in downtown Fallujah may not work so well at m in Afghanistan. Often the KISS approach is the best. Example, every mech platoon had 5 M60s. I could see it, but I personally lean a little more toward 6. The reason its being used is there is no other option for a Battle Rifle currently.

The sooner the SCAR is abandoned the better. Like anything else frearms related, of course, this is largely a theological question, and everyone but me is a heretic, an infidel, and a blasphemer… hehehe. Someone, in defending the 16 family, here or on some other site, commented on how special operations forces all over the world use the 16 family.

The SCAR heavy has a lot of reliability problems. We had 5 SCAR H go down of deployment out of 10, they had to be shipped back to stateside, 2 of the replacements had catastrophic failures in combat.

If that was just our platoon, I would probably had written them off to a bad batch of guns. But this is pretty much par for the course with the SCAR. I have read enough reports from fellow platoons to know that they is a large scale problems with the SCAR. And the SCAR had one of the most bullshit evaluations ever. The majority of tester did not like the gun. Cause we are honestly not going to have a paradigm shift in rifle technology anytime soon.

As for ammo, if you could get caseless, or polymer cased, you would be on to something. And I see you keep mentioning the 6. You got a round that is capable of being quieter than a MP5SD, and capable of engaging out to yards, all with the same rifle.

I like the 6. For ammunition, generally, wait for next week. I could be convinced of the. Except for special purposes, not a huge fan of a quiet round. As I mentioned earlier, a longer barrel can still be used in CQB, but a longer shot from a shorter barrel is problematic.

Indeed, the liberal instinct for societal destruction is unerring; their dedication to that destruction total; and the energy they bring to the program of destruction inexhaustible. Anything, therefore, that they want or think is a good idea should be opposed on principle.

They have a large amount of sales going. Probably has to do with the fact that they tried to make a rifle do everything. Its why you are going to see it replace 5. Being loud really gives you nothing.

As for the carrying handle, both the M4A1 and M16A1 come with a full length upper rail. So that issue is gone. Okay, what issues do you have with DI? Cause lets see, its lighter, and more accurate than a gas piston.

Doing CQB with a full size rifle is far more dangerous than using a Carbine length for long range shots. CQB punishes mistake much quicker than ranged combat. Looking at the production numbers of wiki best available to me at the moment , I suspect I was right about the early program, with Ls and Hs, but by now, given those numbers which are still low, in the big scheme of things, but big enough that— they should have the production down pat.

So, yeah, probably too much of making something do two things and it being half as good at either. They call it high intensity now, but high intensity used to mean nukes. There, a firefight is in good part a moral exercise and, in fact, more noise is good.

No, CQB you drop a hand grenade or five in first — or, what the hell, a satchel charge — then go in and finish off the stunned and wounded. No, their merely being wounded is not a sufficently good reason not to kill somebody.

I told you what. I was also leaving it open to you to note that some of the problem with the M4 just might be PC ammo. Its not quiet, not even quick, and its straight messy as hell. You speak to a firefight as a moral exercise. Have you been in one? And effective fire is effective fire rather it is loud or not. And every report I have read from our intel reps tell us the TB hate not knowing where the shots are coming from, it scare the hell out of them.

As for CQB, fragging every room is pretty much impossible in most circumstances. Ask the marines about Fallujeh. You try to clear more than a few building and you are going to run out of grenades. You would have to have some amazing ROEs for that. And I think you are honestly overestimating them.

I have been on target where a barricaded shooter took all of our grenades, was around He was still alive and fighting after that. Would a satchel charge or T-Bomb have worked, yeah probably, but no way would the guy who tossed it have came out okay.

I was trying to ascertain how much of a weapons guy you are. My background before becoming as a shooter, was a armorer, than why being a shooter, early on had a role similar to a 18B, was able to attend a armorers course, and have gone to two sniper schools in separate services. What I have found in my career so far is most military members are complete idiots when it comes to actual performance and specs of guns. That barrel length is a trade off accuracy and range, that they do not both increase equally as you add barrel length.

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By [email protected] Here’s a dirty little story that plays out like a cautionary tale-black cock may be more addictive than Rebecca Black bashing. Personally I’m a fan of every shade of dick, as long as it’s hard and bobbing in front of my face. So if you want to know what happens to a suburban white guy who fantasies about sucking his first black dick, read on. May 05,  · Ori, there is no level at which it works. Heck, the Brits, Aussies, and Canadians decided they couldn’t afford “parts weirdness” at the national levels – which is why, even though they use different small parts, the L1A1, SLR, and C1 versions of the FAL are all interchangeable for fit and function. nothing wrong with it! i'm not judging her morally a few times i've shared a woman i love with other men so yeah, nothing wrong with it at all. just think a lot of women who have a fantasy about a group of men, if they were brave enough to live out their fantasy, would be freaking out a bit if it was them @ 7mins 30 . this vid is the definition of fucking the shit out of a woman.