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Now ask them if what David Bowie did, in having sex with a fifteen-year-old fan , was wrong. If your social circle is anything like mine, you might get some different answers. Taking sexual advantage of a minor is typically considered one of the most loathsome things a person can do in Western culture. If the minor is a teenager, rather than a pre-pubescent child; if the teenager gave verbal consent; if the perpetrator is someone we really, really like and admire.

Most of us know people who have driven while drunk, and gotten home safely without hurting themselves or anyone. Does that make drunk driving okay? Sex with adults can be incredibly harmful to teens. This coercion can lead to all the harmful effects of any sexual violence: Young teens who have sex with older people are also more likely to experience STIs , unintended pregnancies, and substance abuse later in life. Given these risks, how can people justify adults having sex with teenagers?

And yet, they do. Look, I had crushes on adults when I was a young teenager, too. I daydreamed about being swept away by Harrison Ford or Pierce Brosnan. And if one of my adult crushes had come around and shown interest in me as a teenager, I would have been dazzled and thrilled and extremely vulnerable. Starting in early adolescence, the risk-taking and sensation-seeking parts of our brains really kick into gear for most teens. This is an important part of our development into independent adults who will help shape the world.

This makes for several years when teens are vulnerable to making decisions that feel sensible, but might, in reality, be really, really bad for them. As a teenager, she could talk philosophy, she was reading college or graduate-level books, and she had a lot of emotional intelligence and insight, both for herself and for others she knew.

In all these ways, she was a very mature teenager. And yet this friend of mine, with all her wisdom and self-knowledge, was deeply harmed by many of her teenage sexual experiences. Maturity can include lots of different skills: Most people improve in these skills as they grow, but not all at once and not at the same rate. Unable to contain an emotional outburst? We judge them as immature, and treat them like a child that needs to be managed.

Skilled at reading and responding to complex social situations? We judge them as mature, and treat them like an adult who can bear a full burden of decision-making and self-protection. Once again, what teenagers actually need is adults who will help them navigate the complications of having a brain that is leaping ahead in some areas and standing still in others.

Boys and masculine-presenting teens are often assumed to be sexually voracious regardless of their history, while girls and feminine-presenting teens only fall into this category if they have multiple sexual partners or typically act and dress in sexually charged ways. It is emotionally charged in a way that few words are, apart from actual curse words. If you were walking down the sidewalk and a car swerved wildly and hit you, you are just as injured no matter what kind of person the driver is, or why they swerved.

Maybe they were drunk. Maybe they were deliberately trying to hit you. Maybe they had a sudden blackout. Similarly, when a person is sexually violated, that causes damage whether the person who did it is a nice person or a jerk. It causes damage whether the other person was being careless, was intoxicated, or was being deliberately malicious. Sometimes good people do bad things — especially in a culture that gives us lots of justifications and excuses.

When the David Bowie case was all over the news, everybody wanted to discuss it in terms of whether he was a good or bad person. And the answer to that is always no. Many of the above arguments could be used to claim that teens cannot consent to sex at all.

I agree that teens can and do have consensual sex. However, an adult having sex with a teen is still making, at best, a negligent and irresponsible choice. Adults in our society have power over children and teenagers. And we are responsible for using that power to help and nurture them, not to gratify ourselves at their expense. And we need to stop giving some people a free pass just because we like them, or because it turned out okay in their case.

When we do that, it enables other adults to justify pursuing teens for sex. And even if not all of those teens are harmed, some of them will be. Above all, we need to get much, much better as a culture in helping our adolescents explore sexuality on their own terms, in ways that meet their needs and not ours. She writes for various publications and has her own blog here.

She lives in the Philadelphia area with her poly family and three cats. Follow her on Twitter lirelyn. Found this article helpful? Help us keep publishing more like it by becoming a member!

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She knew that, as the on-call nurse, she could be woken at any hour and for any reason — from somebody with a headache, to a car crash or a critically ill patient requiring evacuation. The ambulance was parked outside the house and the porch light was on. If there was one area of disagreement that the other nurses had with Gayle, it was that she did too much. She was a soft touch. She just loved her job — there's no other way to explain it," says Keith Woodford, who fell in love with Gayle's warm-hearted smile.

They married in and settled in the seaside village of Stansbury on South Australia's picturesque Yorke Peninsula. The couple ran the butcher's shop there and had two children Alison and Gary. Gayle was energetic and always had a project on the go. She built wood-framed fish tanks from scratch, worked with Gary to turn an old backyard shed into a teen retreat, and was a talented dressmaker. The couple also shared curious minds and a passion for people and travel. They decided when their kids were grown they'd work their way up the centre of Australia and then down the western flank.

A nursing job came up in Fregon. He remembers telling Gayle that he thought she would be very good at the job and would enjoy it. Gayle thrived in Fregon. The couple settled in, their travel plans on hold. Early in the mornings she worked to transform her yard of buffel grass and bindies into an elegant native garden.

She spent time in Alice Springs, training to become a diabetes educator — a critical skill given the high levels of the disease in remote communities. And quietly, Gayle worked with local teacher Ann Ramzan to ensure that the senior girls at the local school were cared for. Gayle found her work so rewarding, she stayed in Fregon in spite of a traumatic personal experience. About 18 months before her death, she was sexually assaulted. She was on call one evening and raking leaves in her garden when a man drove up and asked for a bandaid.

He grabbed her by the breast and told her he wanted to have sex with her. Keith suggested to his wife that it was time to think about moving. Gayle told him that she hadn't finished her work. She said she wasn't going to let one person push her out of the community. Davey, who had been born in Alice Springs and moved to Fregon when he was six years old, had spent most of his adult life in jail, in part for a string of sex offences.

This time he'd served almost 30 months for a brazen sexual assault of an unconscious woman opposite the casino in Adelaide in front of several witnesses who intervened. There were several opportunities at which the arms of the South Australian criminal justice system could have applied to have Davey indefinitely detained after this offence.

The prosecutor or magistrate's court could have applied to the Attorney-General when Davey was sentenced, but they didn't. And nor did Department for Correctional Services South Australia make any application the entire time Davey was serving out his sentence. In response to questions from Australian Story, Correctional Services says: Australian Story has learned Davey never attended any sexual offenders courses while he was in prison.

Correctional Services says long stints on remand and short time to serve, coupled with Davey's "cognitive impairments, functional illiteracy, and language barriers", meant that the department's intensive rehabilitation programs were neither available nor suitable.

A court psychologist's report concludes there had been an absence of sexual pathology treatment services provided to Dudley Davey, and that "it is imperative that such services are mobilised for him.

In the days leading up to Easter , Davey had been to Alice Springs and bought a stash of ice. By the time he arrived at Gayle Woodford's home on the night of March 23, he had been on a three-day bender.

When it's fully staffed, three nurses run the hour health service in Fregon. The night call nurse sleeps the following day, while her colleagues handle the steady flow of patients at the clinic. On the one hand senior management encouraged nurses not to open the cage if they felt unsafe, to send men who presented alone away to fetch a female relative, or to call a second staff member for back up. Nurses say it was often impractical.

The nurses say they also felt enormous pressure to take every after-hours patient to the clinic for assessment, no matter how minor the complaint. If you can't hack it, leave," Kate says. Professor Torzillo as well as other senior staff, say the allegations are completely untrue. Professor Torzillo says of the hundreds of people that Nganampa has employed, this is a minority view. Absolutely not," he says. Professor Torzillo says the organisation had safety policies around on-call work, but that it was up to a nurse's personal risk assessment as to whether or not to step outside the cage and treat somebody.

It is widely acknowledged that Nganampa delivers an exceptional primary health service. Since the organisation started in , 16 per cent of babies on the Lands had a low birth weight.

Thirty-four years later, that figure has halved, the immunisation rate is better than the national average, and syphilis is non-existent — in spite of a current nationwide epidemic. Some hours after Keith noticed his wife was missing, Police Rescue arrived from Adelaide, joining their air wing colleagues, the homicide squad, local police officers and volunteers. Nurses, teachers and other remote service personnel also started searching. And in Fregon the entire community mobilised.

Young men jumped on dirt bikes, trackers fanned out across the Lands, and a group of Fregon women set up a vigil outside Keith and Gayle's house. Something traumatic happened to her. But we all hoped that she was going to appear," recalls Glynis Johns, a former colleague and close friend of Gayle's. Those searching for Gayle faced a disorienting landscape that, to an untrained eye, seemed barely to change from one kilometre to the next.

After a false report that sent police searching kilometres away near the township of Marla, they returned to a spot just off the road where the ambulance's GPS record showed the vehicle had stopped for half an hour. On Saturday, March 26, Gayle Woodford's body was found. What is known about what happened that night comes from two sources, the GPS data from the ambulance and the testimony of Dudley Davey.

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It was a challenge and required a good deal of patience, but it was very rewarding. He himself was quite at a loss. Several weeks later we discovered the cause from Ford's brother-in-law: Ford was now getting his own back at his descendant. Not a charming sight.

He was as good as his word—for precisely seven days. On the eighth day he ripped the sign down and returned to his normal bullying behaviour. Ford usually gave his actors little explicit direction, although on occasion he would casually walk through a scene himself, and actors were expected to note every subtle action or mannerism; if they did not, Ford would make them repeat the scene until they got it right, and he would often berate and belittle those who failed to achieve his desired performance.

O'Brien noticed this but deliberately ignored it, placing his hand on the railing instead; Ford would not explicitly correct him and he reportedly made O'Brien play the scene forty-two times before the actor relented and did it Ford's way. Despite his often difficult and demanding personality, many actors who worked with Ford acknowledged that he brought out the best in them.

John Wayne remarked that "Nobody could handle actors and crew like Jack. Upon arriving on the set, you would feel right away that something special was going to happen. You would feel spiritually awakened all of a sudden. Ford's favorite location for his Western films was southern Utah 's Monument Valley. Although not generally appropriate geographically as a setting for his plots, the expressive visual impact of the area enabled Ford to define images of the American West with some of the most beautiful and powerful cinematography ever shot, in such films as Stagecoach , The Searchers , Fort Apache.

A notable example is the famous scene in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon in which the cavalry troop is photographed against an oncoming storm. The influence on the films of classic Western artists such as Frederic Remington and others has been examined.

Ford typically shot only the footage he needed and often filmed in sequence, minimizing the job of his film editors. I don't give 'em a lot of film to play with. In fact, Eastman used to complain that I exposed so little film. I do cut in the camera. Otherwise, if you give them a lot of film 'the committee' takes over. They start juggling scenes around and taking out this and putting in that.

They can't do it with my pictures. I cut in the camera and that's it. There's not a lot of film left on the floor when I'm finished. Ford won a total of six Academy Awards. He was also nominated as Best Director for Stagecoach To this day Ford holds the record for winning the most Best Director Oscars, having won the award on four occasions. William Wyler and Frank Capra come in second having won the award three times.

Ford was the first director to win consecutive Best Director awards, in and This feat was later matched by Joseph L. Mankiewicz exactly ten years later, when he won consecutive awards for Best Director in and Ford directed 10 different actors in Oscar-nominated performances: A statue of Ford in Portland, Maine depicts him sitting in a director's chair.

The statue made by New York sculptor George M. Early in life, Ford's politics were conventionally progressive; his favorite presidents were Democrats Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy and Republican Abraham Lincoln. DeMille , had tried to make it mandatory for every member to sign a loyalty oath. A whispering campaign was being conducted against Mankiewicz, then President of the Guild, alleging he had communist sympathies.

At a crucial meeting of the Guild, DeMille's faction spoke for four hours until Ford spoke against DeMille and proposed a vote of confidence in Mankiewicz, which was passed. His words were recorded by a stenographer: My name's John Ford.

I don't think there's anyone in this room who knows more about what the American public wants than Cecil B. DeMille —and he certainly knows how to give it to them I don't like what you stand for and I don't like what you've been saying here tonight. As time went on, however, Ford became more publicly allied with the Republican Party, declaring himself a 'Maine Republican' in He claimed he didn't vote for either Goldwater or Johnson in , but he supported Richard Nixon in and became a supporter of the Vietnam War.

In , he was awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Nixon, whose campaign he had publicly supported. Ford is widely considered to be among the most influential of Hollywood's filmmakers. He was listed as the fifth most influential director of all time by MovieMaker. The Irish Academy stated that through John Ford Ireland, they hope to lay the foundations for honoring, examining and learning from the work and legacy of John Ford, who is widely regarded as one of the most important and influential filmmakers of his generation.

The Symposium, designed to draw inspiration from and celebrate Ford's ongoing influence on contemporary cinema, featured a diverse program of events, including a series of screenings, masterclasses, panel discussions, public interviews, and an outdoor screening of The Searchers. Accepting the Award, Mr Eastwood said: His Westerns had a great influence on me, as I think they had on everybody. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other people named John Ford, see John Ford disambiguation. Mary McBride Smith m. Battle of Midway Battle of Normandy. It is not to be confused with Argosy Films. Film in the United States portal Biography portal. The Life and Times of John Ford. Video Review - Return of the Hollywood greats". What famous film featured three directional greats of Hollywood, Erich von Stroheim, John Ford and Raoul Walsh among its supporting cast; spent an uncomfortable amount of time venerating the Ku Klux Klan; and did more than any other single work in movie history to found the visual vocabulary of modern cinema?

If your lips are shaping The Birth of a Nation, you are right. Archived from the original on December 27, Retrieved September 10, Ford once told Peter Bogdanovich that while he was Catholic, he wasn't "very Catholic," meaning he wasn't a regular churchgoer.

Archived from the original on June 11, Archived from the original on Recollections of Commander John Ford" ". D-Day, June 6, Biography and Independent Profile". This webpage has an extended, unsigned introduction to the Argosy Pictures Corporation, as well as a catalog of the archives held by Brigham Young University. John Wayne's The Alamo: The Man and His Films see below. Growing up in Hollywood. Wood July 6, Archived from the original on 8 June Retrieved 12 July The Oklahoma Western Biographies.

University of Oklahoma Press. University Press of Mississippi. Cult Movie of the New Hollywood". Our Films, Their Films. Films by John Ford. Battleground for Liberty Chesty: A Tribute to a Legend Vietnam!

Five Came Back documentary. Awards for John Ford. Academy Award for Best Director. Mankiewicz Joseph L. Mankiewicz Robert Rossen Joseph L. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 26 October , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Commander active Rear Admiral reserve. Thalberg — Grand Hotel. Thalberg — Mutiny on the Bounty. Victor Fleming — Gone with the Wind.

The Long Voyage Home. The Grapes of Wrath. How Green Was My Valley. The Battle of Midway. Best Documentary, Short Subjects. American Defense Service Medal. Asiatic—Pacific Campaign Medal with three campaign stars. Navy Occupation Service Medal.

If you are a fan of adult coloring books, you will love this piece jigsaw puzzle based on the intricate designs of Johanna Basford. Basford is a Scottish illustrator who uses pens and pencils to create her illustrations, which are widely recognized and can be found on products such as adult coloring books, wallpaper and note cards. The law of the leader is eternal. He is the most charismatic, the wisest or the strongest of a group, not the one that feels the most or wants to live in a carefree bubble. The law of the jungle, applied in its rawest form, chews a lone woman and spits her out. Adult humor for adults, Makers of Lulz. Shocking Humor, Porn bloopers, Porn Fails, Cam Whores, Amateur Porn and more.