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A guy best friend that s all i want

A guy best friend that s all i want

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A guy best friend that s all i want

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I prefer if we meet in person maybe for dessert and then we can come back here. Just another day with a Bacherlor First, let's cut out a bunch of people, I'm black, there I said it. I enjoy ultimate frisbee WAY too much, though I haven't really played much lately. I have many interests, some of which includes: dining out, dancing, watching, sleeping, a good conversation and listening to all kinds of music. I have been replying and haven't heard back. Want someone who is ready to enjoys life ,someone who wants to be held, loved like the queen that she is.

With free-form organic work, part of my goal is always to create a convincing depth effect. When my longtime friend and colleague deanocook asked me to take on this massive laser coverup project, he had a fairly distinct palette in mind, and I gladly embraced these limitations to see where I could run with them. You can read in detail about my color choices and other tricks used to convey dimension in this piece in the Depth chapter of your ReinventingTheTattoo.

This effect is achieved by combining various graphic tricks meant to enhance depth, tricks that work in almost any style, not just biomech such as with this hand tattoo by donmcdonaldtattoo and myself. You can read more about the tricks we used in this piece in the Depth chapter of your ReinventingTheTattoo.

You all know how much I love textures, and in some cases I have to intentionally limit my use of them in order to keep a composition balanced. When my German client Uli asked me to start this epic piece inspired by the great tree painter Eyvind Earle, I saw it as an opportunity to create a flowing piece that transformed his leg, but knew that I had to be mindful to keep it from becoming a hard-to-read riot of textures.

Nobody does focus effects like New Zealand realist Steve Butcher, who has been seizing the world's attention with his eye-popping portraits and wildlife tattoos, with his sports action portraits being some of his most stand-out work.

We recently had a chance to interview Steve and get some insights into the thinking and technical processes that go into creating effective focal fields on skin. He shared everything from his stenciling to needle choices and use of color, providing realists with a chance to expand their language and incorporate focus, which can make a piece look like it came straight from a camera.

Focal fields are a type of contrast, which makes it possible to selectively make certain elements stand out while others drop back. These comfortable, high quality fitted shirts make a great statement for strong women everywhere, and help fund the ongoing work that Bravely House does in helping the women in its community.

This painting is about shifting moments in abstractions of space and time, a theme that Michele enjoys exploring. You can find more examples of her unique painting style in the Hyperspace print gallery. We sure did enjoy this past summer Now they are in their final few weeks before packing up for the year and making their difficult flight across the gulf.

This piece is available as a low-cost signed archival canvas print at Hyperspacestudios. They are offering a print of this piece which will only be available until noon Central US time this coming Friday, Sept. One of my goals with most of my work is to produce a sense of tangible depth- the more convincing the effect, the better. With Biomech work, there are sometimes two distinct layers of mech stuff, a foreground and background layer, and I always try to use all the tricks to produce depth.

Reserving true whites for the foreground only is one such trick- note how the background highlights are done in creamy light colors which cause the foreground highlights to look brighter by comparison. You can read about these tricks in more detail in the Reserve chapter of your ReinventingTheTattoo.

With the above example on Julia, part of the goal was to give an epic, energetic expressive feeling to the piece, which was accomplished partly by using swirling clouds and light rays. But with all of the design elements in place I had to make the most of color use and other factors to keep it clear, reserving certain colors for some elements but not others.

You can find out about my thinking process for this color scheme in the Reserve chapter of your ReinventingTheTattoo. In this Heaven-themed back tattoo that I did with Brian Geckle, we wanted to combine an airy, luminous mandala with a row of fences and gates- both elements being geometric and symmetrical, giving us the challenge of keeping them visually separate. Part of this was accomplished simply by being selective with our use of black.

You can read about this in more detail in the Priority chapter of your ReinventingTheTattoo. Many of the pieces I tattoo make use of multiple layers of elements, which could easily get crowded if not for some careful planning. I usually start by asking myself which elements are the highest priority- that is, what do I want the viewer to notice first?

In this classic biker babe sleeve I made use of line weight, contrast, focus and color to make her face stand out. You can read all about my approach to this design in the Priority chapter of your ReinventingTheTattoo. When approaching smaller pieces, especially complex multilayered ones, I try to break the composition down into a few simple large light and dark areas that will read clearly from a distance, rather than looking like a jumble.

With this big hand hook on Wes, we wanted to work in a few gears and things along with the hook- a recipe for potential chaos. So I began by anchoring the design with a big simple flowing diagonal shape, one with a decent surface area, and then plotted in the gear elements around that. You can read about the design strategy for this piece in more detail in the Contrast chapter of your ReinventingTheTattoo. Value contrast is important in any tattoo, where your dark and light areas form a strong visual balance You can read more about how we planned out this piece in the Contrast chapter of your ReinventingTheTattoo.

In this collaborative backpiece I did with New York artist Jon Clue, we planned on sticking with a mainly organic and textured approach, making readability even more important You can read more about my approach to this project in your ReinventingTheTattoo.

Part of the solution to this puzzle was to create circular planes in the design on which the mandalas could be inscribed. Check out what else we have in our fine art print gallery! Flow and fit are at the core of good tattoo design, and such a fundamental part of the discussion of good tattoo drawing that it's the first chapter in the book after the introduction Available now in your ReinventingTheTattoo.

Her Innerstate painting was produced for the Innerstate event that she and Guy hosted, which encouraged its participants to tap into an internal stream of data and pull out their inner vision. The hummingbird is energy, traveling through prismatic space, intermingling the outer world of nature to the inner world musings of the reality of our existence and the subtle cosmic web that sews it all together.

It's now available as a gorgeous large format print, 21x33" plus a 1" colored border for mounting purposes. Droplet is part of the epic body of photography that Michele produced for her book Moments of Epiphany. It is the first time she has offered one of these images as a large format canvas art print, 22x33" plus a 1" colored mounting border, which is a particularly attractive presentation for her photos.

It can be purchased by itself or in a combination package with the Moments of Epiphany book. Any of these items are a perfect celebration of the coming of Spring. Available now at Hyperspace Studios! Many tattooists avoid coverup work, feeling that they do their best work on clean skin, but a lot of clients who are seeking coverup work are also transitioning from collecting small tattoos to becoming serious tattoo collectors, and the artists willing to help them with their unwanted work are also likely to get lots of clean skin from them as well- so by taking on coverups you can greatly expand your client base and your career.

Noted tattooist Guy Aitchison has been doing coverup work for most of his 30 years in the trade, and shares what he knows about the subject in two DVD tutorials, Coverup: A Fresh Look and Coverup: The Next Level , showing an artist's eye view of the coverup process from consultation to completion, guiding artists past the common coverup pitfalls and showing healed and settled results for many kinds of coverup projects, including work by guest artists in a variety of different styles.

These two seminars are now bundled together in a comprehensive educational package that will help gain you coverup superpowers- and in the process, a whole new scope of clientele including larger scale work. You can find it at alongside our other educational DVDs. Or you can simply subscribe to Reinventing The Tattoo , which makes all this material instantly available. This week we are releasing Guy's first new print of the year, an affordable mini reproduction of LavaCoil , which he just completed last night.

Can be stretched or matted. Color matched and produced right here at Hyperspace Studios, and perfect for your workstation art collection. We've made an overrun of prints for the Ohio Bio Show at Red Tree Gallery last fall, and they've just sent the extras back to us. Click HERE to take advantage of this deal!

For this week's special we are reaching out to all you artists wanting to expand your drawing skills. Joe Swanson's Draw Tattoo Style is a great primer for fundamental classic tattoo drawing, and The Body Sketch Book is designed for the purpose of applying your drawing skills toward specific body parts in a way that can help you draw more fluently for your clients.

Try watching Swanson's tutorial and then taking those ideas straight to The Body Sketch Book , and see how quickly you can advance your abilities! Any additional shipping charges will be refunded when order is filled. For those of you who have been following the current Kickstarter campaign that we're having for The Biomech Encyclopedia , there's great news- we have exceeded our goal and have raised enough funds to print the deluxe two-volume slipcase edition, which is really what we had our hearts set on.

The campaign isn't over yet, though, and any additional funds raised in the final 72 hours will go toward making the book even better, including a few more fun publishing bells and whistles, and also funding the purchase of a large format printer to make proofing of this massive edition easier.

We have a lot of great rewards available for supporters, including some not pictured here. The book itself is the important one, and you can pledge amounts for one, two or three copies.

We also have available T-Shirts, a die-cut sticker pack, a limited edition poster, and combination packages including the shirt, poster, book and sticker pack.

For those wanting to show a higher level of support we have some unique collaborative pieces of original art made during the production of the art in the book, signed by multiple artists and placed in a hand-embellished mat. The next level up are color mixed media signed biomech originals, matted and framed.

You can also take this rare opportunity to line up for an original framed oil painting from Guy's current series, which will be ready to ship shortly after the campaign.

Show your support for this one-of-a-kind publishing project, and get some cool stuff in the process- drop by The Biomech Encyclopedia at Kickstarter to see the project in detail. Do you want to step up your game with some great educational materials to make your animal tattoos better?

If so, this is the combo for you. What's inlcluded in the combo: Mike DeVries hardcover book, Animal Ink: Exploring the World's Wildlife Through Tattoo Art, is a feast for the eyes and is brimming with inspiration from some of the world's best tattooists.

Featuring full-color pages, this artistic beauty not only contains tattoo work from talented tattoo artists, but in addition includes 62 stories about specific animal tattoos with details, meanings, and inspiration from the collectors who wear the ink and the artists who inked them.

Get Real with Mike DeVries: The informative instruction covers topics such as: Photoshop techniques to apply to tattooing, placement, stenciling, set-up, machines, needles, my palette and ink choices, color mixing; and most importantly, up-to-date tattooing techniques.

In this DVD each step is explaied while being executed, rather than providing voice- overs done at a later time. Keith Ciaramello's Keep It Real 3. In Keith's approach you can see how his foundation in painting and other mediums translates into his painterly approach to handling subtle realistic color on skin.

It shows pretty much the entire tattoo process over the course of 4 hours on 2 DVDs, with the whole procedure described in detail. The big news this week is our ongoing Kickstarter campaign , which is intended to fund the upcoming epic community book project, The Biomech Encyclopedia. That would allow us to include more content and to make the book more deluxe in general. If you are already a supporter of this project, take a look at our newest rewards. For those who have pre-ordered the book, you can now upgrade your pledge to include both the book and T-shirt.

In addition, for those who have pledged at a higher level, you can now upgrade your pledge to include circular framed oil paintings by Guy, who is slamming away full time right now on the book content and reward packages.

Let your friends know about the Biomech Encyclopedia Kickstarter campaign - this is a book that will be an epic visual trip for any art fan and an incomparable learning experience for tattooists, filmmakers, special effects artists, game designers, and graphic artists of all types who are wanting to expand their vocabulary. Click HERE for all the info! Guy Aitchison has been teaching seminars to tattoo artists since , in the process fine-tuning his approach to give artists the most bang for their buck.

In his newest workshop, Contrast:

Best Friend's Brother - Wikipedia

These include Scratch Art , featuring scratchboard art by hundreds of artists in a highly diverse collection; Innerstate , a book and documentary DVD showing about tattoo artists creating visionary art pieces; The ArtFusion Experiment , Paul Booth's documentary about live collaborative art performances; and Pint Size Paintings , a pocket sized book featuring tiny pieces of epic art.

All of these items are loaded with surprising creative content that will inspire and entertain anyone with an interest in the tattoo world. For this weekend's special we are featuring three large format prints at a great holiday discount. Michele's painting From Within celebrates the expression of your unique personal energy in your art and your life. Guy's painting Beacon Of Faith is about transcendence and personal evolution, and his piece Hypercosmic Spiral is a large format yet compositionally simple artistic gesture, painted live on stage in a performance.

As our Featured Items, they get free US shipping, plus free shipping on all items ordered with them! For this holiday season we are offering some great deals on high quality archival canvas art prints, which make amazing yet affordable gifts for art collectors.

Prints are on archival canvas and are produced in-house for careful color matching, and are signed by the artists. The deals listed here are available until December 18 cutoff time for U. For the next 48 hours you can get free shipping in the US on all of these items! Special pricing is available until December We are bundling together three small prints from guyaitchisonart michelewortman and their daughter Kaia Rose.

Guy's painting Flamecoil is about focusing personal internal energy, making it a perfect gift for artists. Michele's painting Trio celebrates family, in a palette meant to work well in any architectural space. Kaia's painting Wooden Duck is an abstract exploration of light and form. We've added this combo permanently to our catalog, but for the next two days it's our featured item, giving you free US shipping on it plus anything else you order along with it!

This Cyber Monday we are offering 4 great specials until Midnight tonight!! These two tutorials also make a great gift for tattooists of all levels experience. For this holiday season we are adding a new combo pack of two signed archival canvas prints of Michele and Guy's most recent paintings, BioSpore and Chrysalis.

This week's special is an archival canvas print of Guy's latest Mind Tree painting, Chrysalis. For those familiar with Guy's Mind Tree series, Chrysalis is the next level in exploring this colorful, luminous abstract alien space, and is currently hanging in the Ohio Bio Show at Red Tree Studio in Columbus, Ohio. The print is 18x26" plus a 1" colored border for mounting purposes, and is signed and dated by the artist.

As this week's special , you get free shipping in the US, not only on the print but on anything else that you order with it! Topics covered include; choosing reference, enhancing reference in Adobe Photoshop, making the stencil, stencil application, flesh-tones, color mixing, needles, inks, using the Neuma Hybrid and much more. This is over 5 hours on 3 discs! The techniques discussed apply to coil and rotary machines as well. Keith continues to provide the clear, detailed explanations he has become known for, and once again as in KIR Vol.

It's presented almost entirely in real time, and shot with extreme closeups so clear you can count the needles. Find out firsthand why Keith's instructional DVDs receive such positive testimonials from tattoo artists all over the world. It's meant for tattooists who already have a solid foundation of basic technique and are looking to take their realism work to the next level.

Published by Brazilian editor Daniel Martino, this beautifully presented softbound volume showcases large work by some of your favorite artists from around the world. We now have this epic book in our catalog at tattooeducation. This Week Only October 16 - October Coverup Trivia Question 6 What about those really tough spots? Certain areas of the old tattoo are dark and scarred; how can I cover those parts? It's all about smart design. If you think ahead you can often make use of the worst parts of the old piece in ways that make the coverup not only successful, but unexpected and original.

See examples of this in Coverup: Find out more at www. I've seen solid black tattoos where it was obvious where the coverup areas were. If solid black can't do it, then what can? It's a simple answer: Clever use of detail can not only hide the old piece but also disguise which parts of the new tattoo are coverup and which aren't.

We dis cuss many examples of this in Coverup: Coverup Trivia Question 4 When I see large healed coverup tattoos, it's usually easy to pick out where the coverup areas are. How can I avoid this? Let's say you're doing a backpiece to cover up a "tramp stamp" and a couple small shoulder pieces.

You finish and step beck, and are mostly happy, but those coverup areas are just a little denser than the rest. Since this is impossible to avoid with many coverup projects, the answer lies in balancing out that density by adding it in a few areas that aren't coverup, in order to bring that look through the whole piece. Coverup Trivia Question 3 Can't you just blast over the old piece with skin color a couple times to lighten it?

Well, yes and no. When you apply layers of ink across multiple sessions, you are mixing pigments in the skin, so adding a lot of white or off-white pigment can limit how black you can get your lines later on. It is possible to get a lasting lightening effect by using white, but it may be a little different from what you'd expect. I've laid out six major "Coverup Realities", including the Translucency Factor. When a coverup tattoo heals and settles, you can usually see the old piece coming through, because the new tattoo isn't opaque like acrylic or oil paint- it's translucent, like watercolors.

At 14x14" plus a 1" colored border for mounting purposes, these archival canvas prints are signed by both artists and would look great in your workstation! Coverups are a pain. Why should I bother when I do my best work on clean skin? No doubt you are already aware of how much potential business there is for an artist willing to do coverup work.

But there's an important demographic of clientele who you really don't want to turn away. Who are these people? As tattoo clients start to get larger work, it is often up to their artists to steer them toward thinking larger scale, instead of filling up with small pieces.

These artists will usually have the job of covering or incorporating earlier pieces, and if approached with the right mindset, these collectors can be guided into getting the kinds of large scale work that we are proud to have in our portfolios.

The Next Level provides a clear foundation for not only tackling any kind of coverup job, but also for using coverup as an opportunity to get larger scale projects and a more serious clientele.

Building on last year's Coverup: A Fresh Look, Coverup: The Next Level has been added to the coverup chapters in the Reinventing The Tattoo curriculum , making it part of the most comprehensive guide to coverup tattooing anywhere in the industry. Reinventing The Tattoo now contains dozens of videos showing closeup tattooing with in-depth voiceover descriptions, along with hundreds of pages of richly illustrated text addressing every aspect of tattooing, including guest chapters by artists such as Phil Garcia , Megan Jean Morris, Halo Jankowski , Don McDonald, Russ Abbott and Nick Baxter.

Sorry for any inconvenience!! He offers an insightful glimpse into pet portraiture, which has recently become a popular- and sometimes surprisingly striking- tattoo motif. Drawing is at the core of a well developed tattoo skill set, and this week's special is aimed at helping you bring your drawing skills up a few notches! Tony Ciavarro's two Shut Up And Draw DVDs give you a detailed over-the-shoulder look at Tony's drawing process, showing every step taken from rough sketch to completed color design, while Joe Swanson's Drawing Tattoo Style gets down to the nuts-and-bolts fundamentals of clear, readable, skin-friendly drawing.

This combo deal is our featured items, meaning not only free U. We have just dropped the price on Guy's Biomech Tribal tee shirt , featuring his timeless mech style in a low-key black on grey look. It's silkscreened on a high quality fitted shirt with designs on both front and back. Available in sizes M-2XL. This weekend it's our featured item, meaning not only free U. Since painting it in , Mind Tree X has been one of the paintings that Guy has had the strongest response to, especially when people visit the studio and see it in person.

Although we've had a print of this iconic piece available for some time, Guy never felt that it properly captures the subtle luminous essence of the original. Now that we have our own printer he's re-photographed it and done all the color matching himself, making for a much nicer print that is almost a dead-on match to the painting.

So we wanted to let you all know that we are re-issuing this print at a generous 22x38" size, plus a 1" colored border for mounting purposes. Prints are on archival canvas and are signed and dated.

In addition, for one week only we are offering a special edition studio size print , perfect for your workstation at 16x28" plus mounting border. Prints can be stretched or traditionally framed.

This is a perfect piece for your clients to get lost within while sitting under the needle. One of Guy Aitchison's hardest-hitting video tutorials is simply titled Technique. The other two disks, Tightening 1 and 2, go into detail about finishing techniques, spotlighting four projects up close, describing every move in detail as Guy shows the line building, detailing, smoothing and other development on a variety of effects including floral, organic, mechanical, metallic and carved wood, with each piece showed healed so you can see the kind of results that you can realistically expect from working with these methods.

If you are already a Reinventing subscriber, simply log on and you'll find it waiting for you at the end of Page A couple weeks back, noted organic artist Ty McEwen visited Hyperspace Studios to work on a couple collaborative tattoos.

While here, he and Guy completed a small oil study for one of the projects. This painting got such a strong response on social media that they decided to offer it as a limited run print. It's small 10x20" plus 1" mounting border but packs a visual punch, and would look amazing at your workstation!

Printing and color matching were done in-house on archival canvas, and are signed by both artists. Monday - July 3, Premium edition on the left, special limited edition on the right. Deano Cook is known for his flawless approach to marine realism, and Guy's reputation is mostly about his abstract biomech work. These two iconic artists bring together their styles and approaches in Aquatica, their debut collaborative painting project.

Limited Edition of copies , with gold stamped faux red leather cover with gilded pages and a silk red ribbon bookmark Dimensions: Enchanted does not disappoint: Featuring Tattoo Artists with Over photos! Placement of tattoo art is an important facet of each design and has the power to turn each piece into an extraordinary aesthetic experience.

Throughout the years, the extremities of the body have been utilized to tell stories, depict ritualistic significance, and serve as the canvas for exhibiting grand artistic projects. Though not all tattoo collectors choose to decorate their hands, heads, and feet, many of those who do expose the world to some of the tattoo industry's finest accomplishments - proudly displaying their artwork for all to see.

This book features an extensive body of tattoo work from tattooists around the globe. These talented artisans provide us with distinct styles, genres, and creativity, all inked upon the far-reaching limbs of the body. Enjoy an intriguing artistic journey that honors those bold enough to wear the ink and the artists skilled enough to make their imaginative concepts come to life. Some of you may remember the historic tattoo exhibit at the Chicago Field Museum , where Guy was given the opportunity to showcase a backpiece design , complete with an impressive 3-minute documentary filmed by the Field Museum crew.

Due to popular demand, this exhibit has been extended until this fall! You can check out a gallery of images from the exhibit on our Facebook page.

Speaking of tattoo exhibits, we have a unique book in stock that was printed alongside a tattoo exhibition in London in Tattoo Art Today is our featured item this week. Tattoo Art Today '. We have managed to secure a limited amount of the catalogs from the show, which come in the form of a large-format page softcover art book.

It's a thought provoking and beautiful art collection centered on the theme of Time, in a rich variety of artistic styles. As the tattoo art form continues to evolve and grow in popularity, knowing what to do about unwanted tattoos is becoming more and more crucial for tattoo artists. Despite the enormous artistic growth in tattooing over the past two decades, there still seems to be a fundamental gap in understanding what coverup tattooing is all about and how to avoid making dark, dense, obvious coverups.

It also goes into detail about the laser, showing several sample projects and discussing in detail the realities of the laser. Video examples are close up and detailed, and the live format also allowed for some insightful audience questions to round out the program. The Bird Art Project features an extensive and brilliantly colorful collection of bird inspired artwork from around the globe. With a multitude of mediums included, our feathered friends are beautifully interpreted in thousands of different ways, by artists of many disciplines and genres.

This collective project brings together an artistic treasure trove of inspirational work to celebrate the remarkable world of winged wonders. This is a limited edition pressing with only sets available, which are sure to be gone by the end of the year. Works include a number of pieces by our very own Michele Wortman, plus hundreds of other artists of a broad range of styles. They're great books for both artists and collectors which go over extremely well both as gifts and as reading material in the tattoo studio waiting room.

For the entire month of April we are having specials on our fine art prints! All prints are on archival artists' canvas, signed and dated, with colored borders for mounting purposes.

Some come ready to hang. This month we are offering". Print discounts and additional shipping charges will be refunded when order is filled. You can see a detailed description of our fine art reproductions at Hyperspacestudios.

For April , we are featuring: Print is 21x27" with a 1" black border plus additional blank canvas for mounting purposes. Signed by the artist. Tattooers are often involved in all kinds of community projects, everything from group art shows to collaborations to publishing projects and much more. We have been involved in a few of these projects ourselves and have a couple cool books in our store as a result!

Scratch Art focuses on the scratchboard medium, which tattooers have done incredible things with; the book contains hundreds of examples of masterful pieces in all styles.

Innerstate was an event we hosted where we invited a group of tattooers to come paint for 5 days and complete an epic project in a group environment. The book we made from this event shows not only the finished pieces but also visits with the artists as they work side by side with their peers. It also includes a 50 minute documentary film celebrating the creative community that tattoo artists share. Learn what materials to use, how to tint your paper to give it a vintage look, how to use an age old technique called spit-shading to give your flash that unique tattoo look, plus tons of other useful techniques.

The entire course is comprised of 8 sessions. High Quality picture-in-picture feature in videos 4, 5, 6, and 7 so you can easily see all the detailed shading technique instruction from different angles. This feature makes it so you don't miss a thing. Over 2 hours of total run time.

One thing that all illustrative styles seem to share is a rich language of narrative elements that can be drawn and tattooed in a variety of visually interesting ways. It's a clever production that's jam-packed with information, including detailed and insightful looks into the execution of several different tattoos of different subject matter. It's a high quality production with a tight, well-lit view of each piece being done including a camera on the palette to show how he achieves his subtle color mixes.

Each tattoo is edited to minutes to show all the most critical parts, with Scott's voiceover describing exactly what's going on. There is also a bonus section showing his methods for setup and preparation, including some very clever tricks and ideas.

Chris Dingwell is a respected and accomplished tattoo artist and fine painter, from the grotesque to the sublime this books chronicles the last 8 years of his painting career. His style is all his own and yet clearly he draws on technical skills that he has been honing for a life time, his work is alive, vibrant and engrossing and anyone who collects art, knows art, or studies art will get something of value out of this book. Each page draws the viewer into a world that is a bit surreal, sometimes chaotic but always visually mesmerizing.

A perfect item to round out your art book collection. Maintaining prominence in the scientific and medical fields, it is also commonly interpreted through artistic endeavors, tracing back as far as creative collections have been recorded. This book features an immense volume of work which highlights the skull in all sorts of mediums, bringing together artists and works from all walks of life. Readers are invited to explore the fascinating and macabre world of the cranium-cetered theme.

A spellbinding journey told through chromatically brilliant photos and words; this book is sure to awaken the mind and senses. Available now in a softcover edition. Circle Hook - Limited Edition Print. Round art is typically very difficult to frame, so this print comes mounted in a high quality handmade painted frame, signed and numbered and ready to hang.

Print is 10", frame is 13" overall and 1" deep. Limited to only 15, then this is gone from our catalog. Once considered part of the counterculture movement, tattooing is now undoubtedly a mainstream practice.

Although the history of tattooing is rooted in ancient customs and beliefs, it is a constantly evolving art form, as skilled practitioners continually reinterpret traditional motifs and experiment with new ones. With more than 1, illustrations from of the most important artists working today, this book is the most comprehensive survey of tattooing ever published.

Collected here are designs from around the globe, spanning a broad range of styles, including Japanese and East Asian iconography, classic Americana, and photorealism, among others. Infections and Exaggerations '. The content of this book showcases the work of some of the best caricature artists in the world. Sean Gardner and Nick Mitchell have managed to take something that is super difficult and make it look effortless. It takes a different type of artist to be able to pull off a great caricature.

Not only do you have to capture the likeness of each victim, but you also have to figure out what it is that makes them unique and stand out in their own way. Then, you have to figure out a way to bend those unique features as far as you can without losing the essence of what makes that individual who they are.

The original piece is still available as well; you can DM Guy at his Instagram profile, guyaitchisonart, if you want more information about this or other original pieces. Filip's work has long been sought after by serious collectors for his unique take on the Japanese theme. But Filip is also a painter and artistic explorer in many ways, and comes from a family tradition steeped in rich creativity. Many tattoo fans are aware of the paintings of historic tattoo figures by Filip's wife Titine Leu, the wild surreal ink drawings and tattoo work by his father Felix, the hypnotic mandala paintings by his mother Loretta.

And the family creativity goes even further, starting with Felix's mother Eva Aepelli, and his sister Miriam Tinguely, then including many of Filip's siblings. Have you ever wondered how to use Photoshop to get those seamless professional design results that you see people posting?

Guy has just added his Wacom Weekend seminar: This class is about an hour long and goes into detail about how you can use Photoshop to get high-end results with your designs. In sketching, the artist finds the freedom to create without limits or judgement, to play with ideas, to make mistakes and to experiment. This book delves into the minds of several of the best contemporary artists as well as some of the best tattoo artists in the world and examines their creative processes.

How do they realize what it is they wish to create? How to they decide what works and what does not? The sketches in this book showcase the method behind a work of art, and provide an insider view into the imagination of various top notch artists in the tattoo community. Reinventing The Tattoo has been expanded again. Are you curious about how to use Photoshop to smoothly bring together images from several sources, including online material and your own drawings?

Essential Design Compositing to the Photoshop chapters of Reinventing. This class is about an hour long and goes into detail about how you can bring Photoshop into your design workflow. Reinventing The Tattoo just became even more useful.

Ever wondered how you can turn those pretty-decent snapshots of your finished work into a professional-looking portfolio, or how to prepare them for a magazine feature? This class is about an hour long and goes into detail about how you can improve your photos without improving the tattoo. Quadrant For this month's limited run print we are celebrating the New Year by offering a limited run of Guy's recent abstract work, Quadrant , which is one of his favorites from his recent body of paintings.

Quadrant is an exploration of how things that look chaotic up close can have a surprising structure and harmony when seen from a distance. It's 12x12" with a 1" colored border for mounting purposes. Available until January 15, at the Hyperspace Studios online store. He has a talent for translating iconic images into strong, clearly readable realistic tattoos with a unique balance of graphic strength and subtle realism. Hair Of The Dog explores animal portraiture using Bob's technique, and is loaded with artistic and technical wisdom that is sure to be useful for tattoo artists of all levels of experience.

Pet portraiture is a big market, and this tutorial not only goes into the animal subject in detail but contains many great nuggets that could be applied to almost any artistic style. If our experience tells us anything, you may only have a couple days before they are sold out!

Guy's painting about rebirth and renewal, Perennial , is now being produced in-house on our new printer and looks great It's 12x15" with a 1" colored border for mounting purposes. Available now at the Hyperspace Studios online store. It's great to push ourselves every day as artists, and in the tattoo profession this effort can pay off in tangible ways. What better excuse to treat yourself to an educational experience, than an upcoming New Year?

A Fresh Look , which is an in-depth seminar going into both the theory and technique of doing effective coverups of all kinds of different bad tattoo challenges.

Even if you've done a ton of coverups, this seminar goes right to the heart of the matter using closeup video footage and is loaded with useful tricks that you can put to use right away. Since it's our Item Of The Week , that means not only do you get free shipping in the US, but any other items you order along with it will be shipped free as well. Another great DVD to start is Bob Tyrrell's Hair Of The Dog , an in-depth and well explained exploration of black and grey animal portraiture, as told by one of the industry's masters.

Bob's easygoing teaching style makes it easy to follow and relate to while he explains his common sense approach and meticulous application. We only have a few left in stock; order it along with Coverup: A Fresh Look , and get shipping on both items for free! And I might as well remind you about all the new additions to the Hyperspace Studios print catalog , now that we are able to handle printing in-house.

Order any of these prints along with our Item Of The Week to take advantage of the free shipping. Treat yourself this New Year, and take your skills to the next level!

A Fresh Look '. Visionary tattooist Brian Geckle was just here so that he and I could start a new calf sleeve project and wrap up a back piece, so while we were both present we did the color matching and test printing for the reproductions of the painting we finished earlier this year, Pineal Manifestation , which celebrates the far reaches of the imagination. The new print came out great, and we are offering it as a 12x22" archival canvas reproduction signed by both artists.

The print is archival for years and includes a 1" colored border for mounting purposes. We've just signed the first batch of them So the countdown is on, and there's very little time left before the shipping cutoff for ordering holiday gifts. We have a few suggestions to make that might simplify things- how about a few unique art books produced within the tattoo community?

There are many titles available covering all different subjects, and I'd like to show you a few examples of what we have in the Hyperspace catalog. Out Of Step Books has been consistently putting out anthology books that allow many artists to contribute their unique visions regarding specific subjects- for example, Antennae Of Inspiration is all about insects and other small creatures, interpreted by many of your favorite artists in all kinds of mediums.

Their books are thick and loaded with hundreds of pages of high-quality material; drop by the Hyperspace book store to read more descriptions of the various volumes of theirs that we carry.

We also have put together a few book combo packs that can save you a little money while providing some unique choices. The Tattoo Community Project Pack is one of the best examples. One of the most exciting things about being part of the tattoo community is how many cool projects there are to get involved with More than any other art scene, tattooists tend to be very comfortable working together on collaborations, performances and other art projects, allowing them to explore a wider range of techniques and styles than an artist would just working by themselves.

Over the past decade we have been involved in a number of such projects, all of them very different from each other but each exploring a different aspect of vision, creativity and collaborative energy. You can read about these projects, and the books and DVDs that they spawned, at the Hyperspace book store. These examples just scratch the surface; drop by the store at Hyperspace Studios to see more, including some low priced stocking stuffer gift packs.

Shipping in time for Christmas is guaranteed on all US orders placed by the 16th of this month, and shipping on all fine art prints is free until that date.

Michele has been very artistically active this fall and wanted to be able to offer some art ideas as gifts, which inspired her recent low-priced print Red Lotuses , which has been a top seller this week, along with one of her latest, Trio , also priced for a stretched-out holiday budget. For you last-minute gift seekers, she has gone ahead and stretched a limited number of the Red Lotuses canvas prints on archival stretcher bars, making for a perfect gift- since it's ready to hang right out of the box!

Drop by the Hyperspace print gallery to see what else we have there. Moments is a book of abstract photography that highlights Michele's unique and luminous artistic vision. Perfect to open and share with family on Christmas day, it's filled with colorful abstract wonder. On sale now at the Hyperspace online store.

US orders received by the 16th are guaranteed for delivery before Christmas. It was hard to keep it short, since we had so many interesting topics to cover, so it ended up being published in three half hour segments, which are now all posted at the Tattoo Improvement channel on YouTube. These interviews are both fun and information-filled, including plenty of historic detail from the past 30 years of the evolution of the tattoo profession.

I think this material would be of interest to both artists and tattoo fans; drop by the Tattoo Improvement channel to check it out! Jake also published a review of Reinventing The Tattoo , my electronic educational package, which I thought was thorough and well written. If you're thinking of treating yourself to a subscription for , check out his review to get his perspective. Speaking of videos, Michele just posted a new 1-minute video highlighting her recent body of paintings.

It's a short and contemplative little segment that gives you a close-up look at the personality of these new works; pour yourself some hot coffee and take a look! Order before the 16th of this month and not only is shipping guaranteed before Christmas for US orders, but the shipping on all print orders before that date is free.

High quality signed archival canvas prints make excellent gifts, by the way. You may be wondering exactly what to get for your artist or art fan friend or family member. A nice original painting by one of their favorite artists would be a spectacular gift, but let's face it, that's probably not in most of your budgets.

This is one of the reasons why we've invested in a high quality fine art printer and begun expanding our print catalog this fall- when done right, a fine art print made on archival canvas, signed by the artist and framed or presented the right way, can have a presence on a wall that compares to that of the original, but at a fraction of the price. We added a new one to the catalog today with a special price for the holidays. It combines her modern minimalist aesthetic with a splash of bold color, and will pop out from any wall.

The print is 9x12" plus a 1" colored border for mounting purposes. We do our own color matching and have gotten near-perfect print results on this one, and I'm proud to add it to the Hyperspace catalog. We recommend looking over our entire print catalog , since we have prints of all sizes, styles and price ranges to choose from.

We've included a choice sampling of some of them in this bulletin in case you want to take a closer look. In case you are wondering how to frame or present your gift, you have a few options. Prints come rolled up safely in a cardboard tube and can simply be wrapped and given in that form, allowing the recipient to frame it to their taste. You can also find a ready-to-use frame at your local hobby store, which sometimes works really well, especially on the standard sizes such as the 9x12" Red Lotuses.

Simply buying canvas stretcher bars and stretching the canvas also makes for a great presentation, but we only recommend this if you have some experience stretching canvas. Last but not least, you can talk to your local frame shop about more deluxe options. Whatever your presentation may be, fine art reproductions can bring a lot of excitement at gift-giving time This Week Only December 5 - December Eight Arms of Inspiration: The Octopus Art Project.

Order this item and get free shipping on your entire order. I've been looking forward every month to each limited print offer that we've been featuring, since it's been an opportunity for me to really see what you all respond to.

We've been featuring a variety of classic and newer paintings of mine in a series of moderately sized and priced archival signed reproductions that are offered for a few days only and then taken down from the catalog forever, and the response has been very encouraging.

This was one of my early experiments with building clay models to get my lighting and texture more realistic, and still stands out as one of my more iconic images from that period. The print is 11x14" plus a 1" colored border for mounting purposes, and has been carefully color matched for maximum impact.

My partner Michele's latest print, Star Of Bethlehem , is still available and makes a stunning gift for anyone with a modern sense of aesthetic. You can read about its special symbolism on her Instagram profile , or check it out at the Hyperspace print gallery where it's listed next to my new limited print.

We are very excited about the high quality of prints we are getting now that we are producing them in-house, and these two new prints are great examples of the kind of gifts including gifts to yourself!

Drop by the Hyperspace print gallery to see what else we have available. As we close out November and the dust settles from all that Black Friday chaos, we wanted to offer a few great gift options for the artist or art fan in your life which you can shop for from the safety of your living room. Many of you are likely already familiar with a lot of the books , DVDs , art prints and other art related items that we carry at tattooeducation.

Today, though, we are offering some single day promotions that you may want to take advantage of. For starters, we've had many of you ask what is the best way to gift someone with a subscription to Reinventing The Tattoo , my comprehensive electronic educational package for tattoo artists. Reinventing is far more than just an electronic edition of a book, but also contains a great deal of video and other multimedia material and is constantly growing- later this month, for example, I'll be adding three new Photoshop video tutorials that relate directly to things that tattoo artists might need to do with their images.

Reinventing is the most detailed educational package available in the tattoo industry today, and has been read by thousands of artists worldwide across over 20 years; it can now be offered to a friend or coworker through a gift certificate. In addition, Michele wanted to celebrate the holiday season by offering a special deal on prints of her latest painting. Star Of Bethlehem is actually six small pieces that were painted as one, and then separated into six complimentary compositions.

All of them are grouped onto a single print on archival artist's canvas, 20x24". Her carefully balanced subtle color schemes go well with just about any decor, making her prints ideal gifts. Anyone who orders our Featured Item gets free shipping on their whole order anywhere inside the US, so if you are planning on picking up some books or other heavy items, keep this in mind!

This Week Only Nov. Click HERE to go to item!! Like so many artists in the tattoo field, I began my career with the assumption that I would always be working in the shadows, having dedicated myself to a fringe art form with only borderline social acceptability.

So I have been continually amazed at the progression of our art form into a solid bastion of mainstream culture complete with a whole list of TV shows, conventions and other world-class events, not to mention a whole branch of publishing in many media dedicated solely to the tattoo art form.

The latest accomplishment our industry had made is none other than a full-scale exhibition on tattooing that is traveling through a number of mainstream museums and bringing in record crowds- first in Paris, then in Toronto, and now at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, which happens to be the very same museum that I went to as a kid to look at dinosaurs. The exhibit includes ancient tattoo artifacts, stunning photos and films of tattooing from cultures around the world, along with a bunch of original art by artists who you've probably heard of.

The centerpieces of the show are a group of silicone body casts that have been tattooed by a number of hand-picked artists to showcase some of the more established genres within tattooing, everything from tribal to traditional American to geometric to fine line black and grey, plus a couple biomech pieces. I was invited to produce a backpiece for the exhibit, which was both an honor and a real task, with as much work invested into the piece as a real backpiece on a human.

You can be a part of this exhibit too! The museum put together a website specifically for the exhibit at www. At this page you can get instructions on how to use your Instagram or Twitter account to post your own tattoo story, which is then displayed on a big screen on the wall of the exhibit room.

Many of the stories are fascinating, and I believe that the participation of tattoo collectors brings a whole extra dimension to the exhibit.

If you are in the Chicago area, this exhibit is a must-go destination There simply has never been anything like it before. This is not a quick, pop-culture glimpse at tattooing, but instead is an incredibly well researched, heavy-duty legitimate museum exhibit about our art form. In the shadows no more! I also wanted to mention that at TattooEducation. This week we are featuring Mario Rosena's Shoot It Right , which is an extremely helpful and reasonably priced tutorial on photographing fresh tattoos, filmed by a veteran extreme sports photographer who also happens to be an excellent tattooer.

If you buy Shoot It Right alongside other items that have high shipping fees, you could save a lot on shipping costs. Stay tuned to see what featured items we have up next. This past weekend, Michele Wortman celebrated her 18th year of tattooing by putting together a Bloom Project video portfolio showing some of her most epic work. She has referred to these unified collections as " bodysets ", and this new video showcases this look beautifully.

Drop by our YouTube channel, TattooTelevision , to take a look , or just click the screen shot in this newsletter. I also wanted to mention the November limited print. As with all the limited prints, this one is smallish and priced affordable- it's 10x15" plus a 1" colored border for mounting purposes.

We are making the prints in-house so I have final say over the color matching. Drop by the Prints gallery at Hyperspace Studios to see the full range of creative reproductions that we have available. For anyone who was not able to make it, most of the pieces are now on display at the brand new Off The Map Gallery in Easthampton, Massachusetts, attached to the gigantic new Off The Map tattoo studios.

For those of you already in the area or visiting town for a tattoo or any other reason, this should be a fun party; Adam and I can't be there in person, but will be attending via Skype and will be taking questions from gallery guests. It's a chance to see these pieces in person before they are shipped off to their new homes. The event features a whole list of seminars by a variety of artists, including two courses by me: This time though I'm featuring all new material, including work by a variety of different artists, plus I'm asking participants to bring photos of their own coverup challenges to discuss on the big screen.

A Hands-On Workshop , is a series of short lectures on the theory behind making attractive work that fits the human form, with exercises between each lecture so that participants can put that theory into practice while it's fresh on their minds. If you are already a member, you can apply this offer toward a gift subscription, or toward renewing your own membership.

We also carry weekend and day passes to the Paradise Tattoo Gathering , which are needed in order to attend any seminars. Last month, we celebrated the new large format fine art printer in our office by offering a limited run print of one of my classic images.

I'm continuing that tradition this month by presenting one of my more recent paintings as a limited edition canvas fine art print, which will be available in our online store for this week only. It's a piece that has had a strong response from my peers, so I thought it would be fun to offer it as a life sized signed archival canvas print at a reasonable price. We've done the color matching and printing ourselves, so it's a very close match with the original. Drop by the online store at Hyperspace Studios to see it, and the other new prints that we have in our catalog.

It's been a while since I've had the chance to go through my tattoo photos and prep them for my online galleries. Too long, in fact You may have seen a lot of these pieces posted on social media , but not in this kind of detail- the galleries at our websites feature large, high resolution images so you can really see the detail work in these large pieces. It's a big body of work that I feel pretty excited about, drop by either site to check it all out!

I also wanted to remind you of the print gallery we have at Hyperspace Studios , featuring high quality archival canvas reproductions of some of our favorite paintings. We've recently acquired a large format printer and are adding new images to the catalog on a weekly basis.

Drop by the print gallery to see what we've got One of the most exciting things about the new electronic edition of my educational package Reinventing The Tattoo is the participation of a variety of guest writers who all excel at different styles and subjects in tattooing.

These writers are allowing us to expand the Reinventing curriculum to encompass the interests of the entire tattoo industry, making it potentially useful to almost anyone, regardless of style or level of experience. So we are particularly jazzed about adding the chapter by Phil Garcia , who many of you know as being the artist who has completely redefined the rose tattoo and brought it to a new artistic level.

Phil's roses are not only realistic, but perfectly proportioned to the body part, bold and clear, with just the right exaggerations to make it read nicely on the skin and hold up to aging.

In his new chapter, Attention To Detail, Phil spells out his process in a concise step-by-step format with in-depth discussion of some of the things that he considers to be the most important aspects of his technique. There are several more guest contributions in the works at this moment, which Reinventing The Tattoo subscribers can look forward to seeing added to the content over coming months, along with upcoming expansions to the coverup chapters along with countless other improvements.

Reinventing is not just an e-book, but is a dynamic educational experience that is continually evolving to fit the needs of today's tattoo professional. You can take a look at our new video promotion to see the Reinventing The Tattoo electronic edition in action. We are pretty excited about our new printer, after last month's limited run produced such great color results. So we have added a few more classic Aitchison images to the print catalog in a variety of moderately priced sizes.

These three paintings are all featured in the book Organica , and were chosen for their strong graphic impact which translates beautifully to canvas prints. One of them, Lightform 4 , had previously been available as a high quality archival print on watercolor paper , which is still available; but it is now also being offered in a larger size on artist's canvas. All three images have been carefully color matched by the artist to look as close as possible to the originals, and are archival for years.

We also wanted to bring attention to Michele Wortman's hypnotic new print, Potential , which is available in two different sizes which can fit beautifully in any space. The print catalog will continue to expand over coming months, so stay tuned! This current series of six contests is unique in that, rather than choosing three winners and ranking them , we are simply looking for the highest quality images, which will then be included in the upcoming Biomech Encyclopedia book project with full credit given to the artists.

This is your chance to be a part of this epic project and to show the community what can come from your unique vision. Drop by the contest page at Tattoo Education to read more! Last but not least, we have produced a video ad for the new electronic edition of Reinventing The Tattoo. For many years Michele and I have carried fine art giclee prints of some of our favorite paintings.

This year, though, we finally decided to take the plunge and purchase our own large format fine art printer. You can look forward to seeing many new high quality archival prints on canvas, watercolor and gloss paper over coming months, but we wanted to start you out with a couple new editions.

The new permanent addition to our catalog is Michele Wortman's recent painting Potential , which celebrates birth, renewal, and the vast palette of experience that life has to offer. Prints are signed by the artist and, according to the printer manufacturer, archival for years! This is one of Michele's favorite new pieces and she is excited to be able to offer it as a fine art print. I'm trying something a little different this month.

So this month I'm offering a limited edition print of a painting that I did in , but still feels relevant today in terms of how it fits into my current body of work. Mind Tree IV was one of my most successful lighting exercises at that time, when I was trying to figure out realistic lighting for both painting and tattooing purposes, and can be found in my art book Organica.

All prints are signed and dated. Thanks, and we'll keep you posted as we roll out more new ones! So I want to mention this since it's coming right up I haven't had a serious gallery appearance in almost two decades so I'm pretty psyched about this!

There will be a couple collaborations as well. The first seminar I ever gave, over 20 years ago, was on the subject of coverup tattooing. So I've been gathering photos and video clips over the past five years or so which I've just finished crunching into a comprehensive tutorial. For subscribers to Reinventing The Tattoo , it comes free with your subscription as a part of the curriculum. Simply log on and check the Table Of Contents, and you'll find it in Part 8.

It includes chapters on several different types of coverup projects from small, single-pass pieces to large, epic transformations, and everything in between. It also goes into detail about the laser, showing several sample projects and discussing in detail the realities of the laser, including a lengthy FAQ that you can share with your clients when talking about the possibility of laser treatments.

There is also a chapter on scar coverups, with examples of surgical scars, burn scars, electrical burns and other types of scarring, with strategies for effectively tattooing over even the trickiest skin. In addition, the tutorial includes a recent video production of mine. The live format also allowed for some insightful audience questions to round out the program. This video comes free as part of your Reinventing subscription , or can be purchased separately as a DVD for non-subscribers.

If you are not yet a Reinventing The Tattoo member, it's a subscription-based educational package that gives you access to the entire Reinventing curriculum, which comes in a combination of e-book and video format and covers everything from the fundamentals of good tattoo design to working with references, using digital tools, expanding your skills through painting and other mediums, plus exhaustive chapters on tattooing technique.

Since the electronic edition was released in October we've been steadily expanding the curriculum with guest chapters by Russ Abbott , Nick Baxter , Megan Jean Morris, Don McDonald and Halo Jankowski , plus new chapters by me about rotary machines and needle cartridges.

We have a chapter in the works from realism maestro Phil Garcia, plus a number of other guest chapters that we'll be adding throughout the year by some of the industry's biggest names. The coverup chapters are just one of the many things that we've added this year to this expanding, high-power educational package.

For the past two decades of my tattoo career, I've been using Adobe Photoshop as an essential part of my workflow in everything from design compositing to portfolio page layout. It's been such an important tool that I've included it in the core of my Reinventing The Tattoo educational package since its first edition back in the late Nineties.

The current electronic edition of Reinventing was recently edited to bring it up to date with today's version of Photoshop, with plenty of tools and tricks specifically intended for the tattoo artist's workflow. If there is one thing I've learned about Photoshop, it's this- Every Photoshop user will have something to teach you. In Depth Photoshop for the Tattoo Artist. It's also meant specifically to be useful for tattoo artists, but he's got a whole range of tricks that I'd never heard of in 20 years of using Photoshop.

It's an in-depth tutorial that shows you a live screen capture of a number of demonstrations, all which are useful for use in tattoo design.

He covers subjects such as: It's a downright useful tutorial and will give you a lot of bang for your buck- Halo has taken not only his experience but all the stuff that he learned in a digital art college course that he thinks is the most useful to tattoo artists, and distilled it down into an hour and forty minutes of smoothly produced information.

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