Un article de Exposition Universelle de Paris 1900.

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  • www.collyon.com translation (12/11/09 Version) I thank my friend Alan Calavano of Minnesota (USA) for his help with the English translation.to Alan He is also a collector of the Exposition of 1900. Alan was assisted by his friends Bob, Brigitte and Peter.

Collyon is 5/6 years old. Photographs for the house de l' UNESCO for Exposition de 1967 has Montréal.
  • Born in Paris and from a family of coal merchants who became restaurateurs, I spent my school vacations at my grandparent's house in Chassing in l’Aisne (French district). My grandfather had in his home office, which was also the library, some old books full of images. I remember this large, illustrated Larousse (French dictionary) where at the beginning of each new letter heading, a half page was reserved for an illustration of an object (animal, seedling, etc.) starting with that letter. I spent hours in this book.
  • There were also the Illustrations in binders. The very large and heavy books I did not understand very well because all was there in the greatest disorder. It took me years to understand that they were bound magazines. How to imagine that l' one can connect a magazine when one meets only of Paris Match, It or Mickey in the doctor! In these magazines there were articles about the expositions. There were pavilions and exhibits from everywhere in France and also from other countries. Big or small they all had something in common: according to the author, they where all fantastic and representative of the best things you could find around the globe.
  • I was fascinated by these pavilions which, according to my grandfather, were there for only a few months. Then came the time of postcards and my collection ...


Collyon is 26 years old in the steps of M.ZOLA.
  • I don't remember if someone introduced me to Expositions or if it was just an accumulation of information from many sources. Of course as I mentioned above, the readings of childhood and the information given by my grandfather prepared the ground. I also think of the few months I spent as a dispatch rider with scooter in 1972, when I was 17 years old. The Astra Calvé (margarine) Unilever Company was located on Boétie Street in the 8° arrondissement (district) of Paris. Of course this was the district of the Exposition and also the district of the stamp market where I would go every Thursday afternoon. There I noticed the collection of postcards. At that time stocks were enormous and my urge to collect was very strong but with my dispatch rider wages, I could not seek the scarce postcards such as dogs or balloons. I soon noticed that the photographs of the exposition were little sought and that it would be easy for me to build a collection so long as I didn’t seek to have too many illustrator cards.
  • My topic was found:


Realized by M.LERUYET, my aunt, in 1983.

  • Yes I know and hear you already make fun out of me "He speaks about postcards and the first thing he presents to us is a painting!". On this point you are right but I do what I want, you are the visitors !!Plus, I have a good explanation: One cannot launch out in this type of collection without documentation; thus one manages from there to collect all that relates to the Fair of 1900.
  • I worked 17 years at Astra occupying various tasks without much interest and during all these years my collection increased and my knowledge too. During this period I made astonishing meetings: a movie actress, very old, beautiful and nice who had played in the series of the "Angélique"; a Russian princess (truly!) who in addition to my purchase had a red dressing gown made of cashmere with a collar of doubled sable silk, that had belonged to her dead husband. One day at a secondhand booksellers, I met a director of cinema who sought books of this beautiful time. He promised that, if I left him use the research on the expo that I had picked-up before him, he would give me all the documentation gathered for the production at the end of it.
  • Among all these meetings there were of course collectors but with their superior tone and condescending personality, I preferred spending hours listening to people about their memories, not on the expo, but in connection with those they had known and that were the visitors of this expo.
Collyon today.

Collyon familly.

  • ' ' Dear friends we hope that our modest contribution will take part in your satisfaction and will answer l' object of your research.

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